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Russian mail order brides are the most desirable women in the world. They are pretty, sexy and they know how to make men feel happy. Russian mail-order brides have been popular at dating websites for the last 20 years. Every year, single Americans fly to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and a few other cities in Russia to meet beautiful local girls in person.

Features of Russian Women: Appearance and Character

American bachelors have always had a fascination for single women from Russia. They like the look of Slavic brides, they like the fact that they let men lead in a relationship, and they like that these females are family-oriented. The first thing that Americans spot in these women is their appearance. Stunning brides from Russia always look younger than their actual age. There are thousands of charming Russian singles at dating sites in their 40s, but men can hardly believe the numbers that they see on their profiles. Even 30 years old women look like 18-20 years old brides.

Most Russian girls for marriage have light color hair, blue, green, or grey eyes, and lovely bodies. You will also meet dark-haired and ginger brides, but the thing that distinguishes them from women from Americans is that they have pure, almost pale skin and pink cheeks. American single men get amazed by the number of hot and sexy Slavic ladies they can meet on dating platforms. You will be amazed too, as you will see profiles of model-like brides.

Beautiful Russian women do look like models. They eat healthily, and they do sports which keep them in good shape. They also spend much time taking care of their appearance. These brides, no matter what age, have their nails and hair done, they always look stylish and smell alluring. When Americans meet Russian women for marriage in real life, they cannot believe their luck!

You will unlikely find a Russian girl who is overweight. There are tall and small girls, but they all have stunning bodies. What else does draw men’s attention to women from Russia? It is the way they carry themselves. These women prefer elegant style, so they often wear high heels and dresses. When on a date with a bride from Russia, you will be amazed at how feminine she will look. Local females are so different from casual and sporty American girlfriends.

Now you know that Russian brides appearance is what every Western man loves. It is time to talk about the personality traits of Slavic brides. You must have heard that women from Russia are romantic, caring, loving, and family-oriented. Guess what? It is true! Pretty Russian girls are pretty inside too. They are charming, friendly, talkative, honest, generous, and passionate. Such a combination of traits makes them perfect dates for single men from America.

Russian brides for marriage are a perfect match for American bachelors. It is difficult for Western men to find women who would value family and loyalty. Modern American girls are feminists, they spend most of their time at work and meet men to have fun only. In America, women prefer open relationships, which are so different from how Russians perceive relationships.

Russian blonde girl in lingerie

Religious and loyal women from Russia value their love relationships with men and treat them with much love and care. In a relationship with a woman from this country, you will feel special. Your girlfriend and later Russian mail order wife will love cooking for you; she will support all your decisions and stay loyal to you. Western men like the idea of marrying Russian as they are known as the best brides. It is also true. Those Americans who successfully married local brides say they feel happy and lucky.

Russian women looking for marriage abroad as they dream of finding romantic partners and being treated like princesses. Local men are tough as they rarely express their emotions and treat their wives like servants. You will be surprised how many divorced women looking for American men through international dating platforms. They hope to meet caring and passionate men to build long-lasting relationships and create a family.

How Dating Russian Ladies Differ From Dating Western Women?

Вating Russian women will be a new experience. To help yourself, you should understand the cultural differences. Many Americans believe that these females are so easy to chat with, so they will have a perfect first date. However, the practice shows that not many Western men know what Russian women like and how to approach them.

We are going to talk about dating culture in this part of the world and give you tips to help you succeed in dating a charming bride from Russia:

  • Russian are interested in love, not money

Unfortunately, many Westerners believe that they can buy Russian girls by telling them how rich and successful they are. It appears that Russian wives online have high moral standards and values. They seek love and disrespect men who think of them as easy girls to get. If you want to start dating a beautiful female from Russia, you should be able to talk about your feelings. Russian girls can spot those men who want to buy them as many Westerners come to Russia to have fun with local singles. If you want a single woman to like you, be honest about your feelings and intentions.

  • Not many Russian women speak good English

One of the reasons why it is a good idea to meet women through a Russian wife finder is because not all brides speak good English. If you decide to meet single females online, you will get a professional translator to assist you. You may be lucky to meet single Russian online and chat with them in English but remember that not all brides have a good level of English. A girl will certainly appreciate you paying for a translator to understand each other and be able to express each others’ feelings.

  • They can speak a lot about family

When joining a dating website and looking through profiles of single ladies from top Russian cities, you will see many 20-something girls who seek marriage partners. So, these girls’ favorite topic is family. Your Slavic girlfriend will be interested to find out about your childhood, siblings, and parents. She will also be curious to learn if you want to have children soon. If it is something that you like to talk about too, the chances to make a perfect match are very high.

Specifics of Getting Married to Russian Brides

There are no big differences between getting married in Russia and the West. A couple should prove that they are free to get married (if divorced, a divorce certificate should be provided). Both individuals should be at least 18 years old to get married, whether in Russia or abroad.

Some interesting traditions distinguish local weddings from Western weddings. If you want to learn more about local culture and have a wedding in your fiance’s homeland, these are some of the things you should know:

  • Every Russian bride dreams of having a family. Girls in this country dream of caring about husbands and children from a young age. You may be surprised, but it is okay to get married when you are 20 in Russia. This is very different from the culture in the West, especially in the United States.
  • While people in the West celebrate weddings on any day of the week, Russians plan a ceremony on Saturday or Sunday. They have two days to get married, and then have a long celebration that includes eating and dancing.
  • Some traditional families still expect a future groom to ask a father’s permission. There are not many families like this, but you should be prepared to meet Russian girl parents and introduce yourself. Make a good impression and assure your future parents-in-law that you are capable of taking care of their daughter and provide her with good standards of living.
  • The majority of people in Russia are religious, so they choose to have a wedding ceremony in a church. At this point, you may need to compromise, as Russians are orthodox and the Westerns are Catholics.
  • After the civil ceremony, married couples go on a tour around the city. It is one of the wedding traditions that is still followed by modern married couples. There is certainly a benefit of this tradition: if you are planning to get married in your bride’s hometown, you will be able to see interesting places on your wedding day.
  • Even though many Russian girls are patriots and like local wedding traditions, many dreams of getting married abroad. If two of you decide that getting married in the US is better, then you need to take care of a special visa to bring your future Russian wife to the US.

pretty young Russian woman bride

How and Where to Meet Single Russian Mail Order Brides?

It can be an exciting experience to travel to Russia and meet a Russian mail order bride in person. However, you need to make sure that your trip can last until you meet the right woman to connect your life to. Most Westerners come for a week or two and try to visit all famous restaurants and nightclubs to find a Russian bride. This is a very short time, and there is no guarantee that by the end of your trip, you will find what you wanted to find.

The easiest yet most effective way to find Russian mail order wives is to join a foreign dating website. Luckily, the number of mail order bride services is large, so you can choose the one that meets your budget and is convenient to use.

The benefits of using an agency to meet a mail order girlfriend are:

  • thousands of female profiles
  • comprehensive descriptions of single women
  • quality photos and videos
  • ability to chat with as many singles as you like
  • text, voice, and video communication
  • matchmaking tools
  • professional translators
  • advise on visa and travel guide

The internet is the best place to meet Russian women for sale and build a long-term relationship. Through a reliable dating site, you will be able to find a lady who is like-minded and has the same interests.


Meet your love online, as this is a place where millions of single and lonely women are looking for love. Now you know so many details about dating and marrying brides, so you can head to famous dating agencies and start seeking your Russian bride for sale.


Are Russian Girls Easy?

In general, Russians are easy-going, friendly, and nice girls to be around. However, you should keep in mind cultural differences and remember that local ladies like romantic and passionate men. A bunch of flowers, nice words, and your admiration will help you find a key to her heart.

At What Age Can You Get Married in Russia?

The legal age is 18 years old. If you are planning to marry your Russian girlfriend in Russia, you should come with all the necessary documents like a visa, divorce certificate if you were married before, etc.

How Much Do Russian Brides Cost?

When seeing Slavic women online, the fees for using “buy Russian wife” dating sites are different. On average, high-quality dating agencies charge about $30 per month. This fee includes reviewing profiles, sending likes, getting matches, and exchanging and exchanging messages. To video call a bride, you will be charged per minute.

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