Finding True Mail Order Brides: Expert Guide To a Foreign Wife in 2023

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Finding a mail order bride is easier than you can imagine, but what are the most important things to consider? At, we review different types of online dating sites: mail order wives platforms and international dating services. We also provide guides on costs and legal aspects and tips to get a foreign bride.

Best Mail Order Brides and Dating Services in 2023


Who is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail order bride is a woman who joins a dating site or mail order bride site with the intention of marrying a foreign man. In many cases, they are also looking for a man who is willing to start a family. They typically come from countries such as Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Some of the women who become mail order brides are as young as 18, while others are in their late twenties or early thirties. They are looking for love and companionship, and they believe that a foreign husband can provide them with the stability and love they desire.

If you’re thinking about finding a mail order bride, then you should know that there are plenty of beautiful and intelligent women out there who would be perfect for you.

Mail Order Brides Catalogue: Real Dating Profiles

Michele 27 y.o.
Location Buenos Aires
Occupation Teacher
Anna 26 y.o.
Location Kyiv
Occupation Enterpreneur
Aya 24 y.o.
Location Beijing
Occupation Singer
Mary 28 y.o.
Location Odessa
Occupation Designer
Victoria 24 y.o.
Location Kyiv
Occupation Blogger
Naomi 27 y.o.
Location Bogota
Occupation Architect

The 5 Best Countries to Find Foreign Brides

The best countries for mail order brides are developing countries. These countries often do not offer many opportunities to women, and the women who live there often struggle to make ends meet. By finding a woman from a developing country, you will find a fantastic woman who may otherwise not have the opportunity to meet a man in her own country.

CountryLanguagePopulationSinglesAverage Bride Age (y.o)
MexicoSpanish126m18.2 m23

You’ll also be able to save money on a mail order bride if she is coming from a developing country. These countries often have much lower income levels, so the women there cannot afford to be as expensive as those living in first-world countries. As such, you’ll be able to find brides at relatively low prices. Today, there are several central regions where Western men most often order young and charming foreign mail order brides. 

latin mail order bride

How Much is a Mail Order Bride Cost?

The price of a mail-order wife depends on many factors, such as her nationality and country of origin, the amount of time she will spend with you, and any additional services you may need. Generally speaking, a mail order bride can cost anywhere from $3,000 to over $20,000.

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

However, it is essential to note that these costs can vary greatly depending on your circumstances. For example, if you are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian bride who speaks English, the price could be higher than usual due to the language barrier. Some agencies charge extra fees for certain services, such as visa processing and travel expenses.

RegionAirfare (by Airfarewatchdog)Accommodations (by (according to Numbeo)Shopping (according to Numbeo)NightlifeTotal Cost of the Trip

All in all, the final price you will have to pay to find a wife will depend on:

asian mail order bride

Scams on Mail Order Brides Sites and Tips to Avoid Them

When considering using a mail-order bride service, it’s essential to be aware that scammers out there may try to take advantage of this. Here’s what you need to know about the scams that can show up when joining a mail-order brides sites:

Fake Profiles and Photos

One of the most common scams involves fake profiles and photos. This is why it’s so important to thoroughly vet any site – including reviews and customer support – before creating an account. Be sure only to use websites with verified accounts and keep yourself safe by double-checking each profile against their claims.

Money Requests

Unfortunately, some view these sites as an opportunity to extort money from unwitting participants. If someone contacts you through a service asking for money or other personal information, it’s best to avoid them altogether. It’s always safer to stick with the terms of sites outlined within the site or platform rather than trusting outside parties for your own security.

Unauthorized Use of Credit Cards

Be sure to protect your credit card details at all times, as there have been cases where members have had unauthorized funds withdrawn from their cards after signing up for a subscription plan or purchasing services without their knowledge or consent. The best way to prevent this is by only using established platforms with secure encryption protocols in place for added protection against theft or misuse of private data.

Romance Scams

The “romance scam” is one of the more infamous types of fraud associated with mail order bride sites; in this case, someone will create a false profile posing as a potential romantic partner in hopes of getting personal information or money out of unsuspecting victims. For this reason, be wary if anyone reaches out claiming they are madly in love after only a few conversations – chances are something isn’t quite right!

By being aware of these potential risks, you can better protect yourself and your finances while searching for love abroad through mail order brides’ benefits!

scandinavian mail order bride

The Legality of Mail Order Wives Across the Globe

The legality of mail order wives varies depending on the country of origin and the laws of that specific country. Generally speaking, in many countries across the world, it is legal to marry a foreign national through the use of a mail order bride service. However, there may be certain restrictions or regulations set in place by various governments which make it difficult or even illegal to obtain a mail order bride. It is important to research your country’s stance on mail order brides before entering into any kind of arrangement.

Additionally, it is essential to note that while mail order brides are generally legal, there can be certain risks associated with this kind of account. As these marriages often involve a third-party agent, one must be aware of potential scams and frauds that may be involved in the process. It is also highly recommended to conduct thorough background checks on any prospective bride before entering into any type of commitment.

slavic mail order bride

Mail Order Bride Services: How Do They Work?

The process of finding a mail-order bride is actually quite simple. First, you need to find a reputable mail-order bride site. These sites usually have a database of women who have signed up with the service and are hoping to meet a foreign man. Once you create an account on one of these sites, you’ll be able to browse through the profiles of these women and get in touch with the ones that interest you.

Girls Profiles

Oksana 28 y.o.
Matina 36 y.o.
Fitness Coach
Lina 29 y.o.
Event Manager

Most of these sites will require you to pay a membership fee, but there are also some that offer free services. Once you’ve found a site that you’re comfortable with, the next step is to create your profile. Be sure to include truthful information about yourself and post some clear photos. Once your profile is complete, take some time to look through the profiles of the women on the site. When you find someone you’re interested in, reach out to her and start a conversation.

You’ll also need to be prepared to travel to meet your mail-order bride in person. This is usually not a problem since most men are happy to travel to the woman’s country to meet her. However, it’s essential to make sure that everything is above board and that both parties are consenting adults before making any travel plans.

Mail Order Marriage Statistics 2023: New to Know

There are many reasons why more American men choose to marry foreign mail-order brides. One of the main reasons is that they have greater access to potential wives than ever before—thanks to the internet. It’s now easier than ever to connect with women from all over the world, and many men find that they have more in common with foreign women than with American women.

Mail Order Brides Success Rate

The mail order bride concept has a successful history. The marriage statistics show that men who married through this site tend to be more committed and happier in their long-term relationships. Yet, many people still don’t know how it works. Many factors influence the mail order brides success rate.

While statistics give insights into how this business works and what can be done to improve it, buying a bride experience with customers and service providers has given agencies some firsthand insight. These services have spot traits and habits that lead to successful relationships. Understanding these in detail can quickly help both men and mail order brides find their perfect match.

Mail-Order Wives Divorce Rate

There are many reasons for the failure of a mail order marriage. It is not always the fault of the other person. Sometimes it is due to cultural differences or an inability to adapt to living in a new country. These reasons can affect the success of any marriage, even an arranged marriage. However, there are always some that seem more problematic. 

According to a study by OurWorldInData, what men and women expect from marriage is of enormous importance. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that, according to world statistics, international marriages end in divorce much less frequently than ordinary ones. According to many international studies, international marriages end in divorce almost one and a half times less often than domestic American marriages.

Legit Brides Services: Top Facts

Mail Order Bride sites and Dating sites are safe, although some misinformation can be read on the internet. Many non-erudite people cannot believe that they can find their couple on the Internet. They are afraid to try it and share negative impressions so that no one else can try it.

  • More than 30% of all relationships start online. This number is increasing every day as people understand the full benefits of online dating. Another myth is that every mail order bride who searches for a man online is actually looking for a visa or a green card. This is not true because every girl has to undergo a rigorous and lengthy validation process before accessing the site. Each girl must confirm their ID document and pay a certain amount of money. Next, she must undergo a psychological test for her pure intentions.
  • Cheap mail order brides websites are interested in getting every user a long-term relationship, so site staff help and support their users. The reason is that they do not profit from the fact that you are lonely and unhappy. Their profit depends directly on the couple formed on mail order bride services.
  • Mail order bride services do not allow women to write on their own, they have to wait until the man selects them. Despite these statistics, people still have a lot of misunderstandings about dating sites. Therefore, you need to know the basic facts about bridal search platforms.
  • Each girl must register and undergo a long and serious examination, which proves the honesty of her intentions. Only then does the mail order bride gain access to the sites functionality.
  • No reputable mail order bride sites will give you the exact date and time when you will find your couple because it is impossible. It is impossible to guarantee a perfect match that people will love each other and have a happy relationship or international marriage for the rest of their lives.
mail order bride

Mail Order Brides Services VS International Dating Sites: Main Differences 

Mail order bride sites provide an avenue for individuals seeking long-term relationships or marriage with people from other countries. These sites often allow users to filter their search results according to specific criteria, including nationality and religion, among others. On the other hand, international dating sites are geared more towards casual hookups and short-term relationships.

BenefitInternational Dating SitesMOB Sites
affordable prices+
100% success guarantee
247 customer support+
additional services+

How to Choose the Best Mail Order Bride Website?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting a dating service:

  1. Determine what you’re looking for before checking mail order brides catalog. Are you looking for international dating or a foreign wife? Knowing what you want will help you narrow down your options.
  2. Do your research. Once you know what you’re looking for, take some time to research different dating services. Read dating site reviews, compare prices, and look at the different features each one offers to find a reliable mail order website.
  3. Create a list of potential candidates for your mail order wife role. After researching, you should have a list of potential dating sites that fit your needs. Narrow down this list by considering things like mail order brides cost and user base.
  4. Try out the services. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to start trying out the services. Create a profile on each one and start testing them out. See which gives you the best results and feel the best to use.
  5. After trying out all of the sites, it’s time to make your decision and stick with it. You can commit to using one dating service and stick with it until you meet what you’re looking for.
foreign mail order bride

Marrying a Mail Order Girlfriend as a Foreigner: Pros and Cons 

If you want a wife from another country because you think she will receive a better education than women in your country or because their prices are a bit lower than yours, then this is also a great reason to look somewhere else.


  1. Conservative and traditional wives – Conservative and traditional mail order brides are considered to be the ideal wives for many people all over the world. Conservative and traditional foreign girls have always been popular in Western countries for their family-oriented attitudes, romanticism, respectfulness, and kind nature.
  2. Loyal and loving mothers – A mail order bride is very trustworthy and feminine and will love her husband. She is ready to adapt to a new lifestyle and will try not to disappoint her husband. She knows that a loving family is more important than anything else, so that she will be a caring and loving mother.
  3. Children from other cultures – Many people are afraid that their children won’t be like everyone else, but a mail order bride online is not an American housewife. She is a woman from another country who will bring new traditions into the house. Children will be able to learn new things and live in harmony with other people.
  4. Education – A mail order bride will want to raise her children in her native culture so she’ll want to provide you with a better education than an American girl can give. A foreign woman will know better what you need for your child.
  5. Modern way of life – A mail order bride has traveled far away from home to make her dreams come true. She wants to have a better life than she had before so she wants to have a family of her own and provide them with better conditions than what she had. She doesn’t mind if the husband works hard for a living if it means that his children will have everything they need: food, clothes, and education.
  6. Excellent benefits – Foreign women are well known for their femininity, beauty, and grace. Most of them are successful in their professional life, they have a good education, and they can be excellent wives and mothers. If the spouse is a foreigner, you get a friend first! A man gets a companion who will love him unconditionally. If you are interested in mail order wives, you should also know that a foreign wife will serve as an excellent mother to your children. She has most likely been brought up appropriately and values the role of a mother highly; she will bring them up with care and devotion.


Living with Overseas Women: Things To Know

Never Lose Hope

Sometimes mail order brides can be very challenging, which can be frustrating for a man that wants to start his life over with a foreign woman. The first thing you should never forget is never to lose hope. This can be challenging for men who have had a bad experience with the first mail order bride they have brought into their home.

Language Issues

Since many of these mail order brides come from different countries, it will be impossible for them to learn the language quickly. This can lead to communication gaps that make life very difficult for you.

foreign mail mail order bride

Relatives Are Important

If your chosen one lives with the parents and mail order brides are against their daughter’s marriage to a foreign man, she may be looking for someone to rent an apartment or house where she would live with you. You will also have to agree with your future wife on such a solution. As a rule, such things are not severe and can be settled easily because everyone understands that the bride and groom want a place where they would settle down together.

Real Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Jason and Mila JollyRomance logo
Jason had been living a lonely life until he came across an online mail-order bride service. He was hesitant at first but eventually decided to try it out and matched with Mila from Ukraine. After months of talking through emails and video calls, they both felt an instant connection with one another. Even though they had to overcome the distance between them, their love only grew stronger each day leading up to their eventual union in person. Jason and Mila are finally married now, a beautiful ending to the mail-order bride story that turned into a true love story!
Success Story #2 Image
Michael and Naomi EasternHoneys logo
Michael and Naomi had the most unexpected love story. After months of searching for love on mail-order bride sites, Michael unexpectedly found his true soulmate in Naomi. Neither one had any particular expectation when they decided to get to know themselves better through mail correspondence, but eventually, their friendship blossomed into romance and undying love. What started as a mail-order bride site soon became a celebration of companionship and romantic bliss between two people from opposite sides of the world.
Success Story #3 Image
Andrew and Mia EasternHoneys logo
Andrew had been searching for love for years when he stumbled upon a mail-order bride site one night and decided to give it a try. To his surprise and delight, he ended up connecting with Mia, an Asian mail-order bride who had the same goals and dreams of starting a family as Andrew did. The two connected instantly, sharing interests in art and music and planning a future together from across the globe. Years later, they are now married with two beautiful children, their own home, and income to support their family - thanks to the mail-order bride site and their dedication to one another. What started out as an uncertain venture has genuinely become a fairytale love story!
Success Story #4 Image
Louis and Linda HotUkrainians logo
Louis and Linda's love story is truly remarkable. It all started when Louis, a widowed rancher in California, decided to try his fortune at love again and found Linda on a mail-order bride website. Despite the unlikely odds, romance began to grow between them. The more they got to know each other, the stronger their bond became, and now the pair are happily in love. It looks like love really does conquer all!
Success Story #5 Image
Tom and Lisa JollyRomance logo
Tom had been looking for love for a long time before he decided to enlist the help of a mail-order bride service. He was starting to give up hope until he came across the profile of Lisa, a mail-order bride from overseas with whom he hit it off immediately. After exchanging letters for weeks on end, Tom finally made his way to meet her in person, and shortly after that, they were married. It has now been 2 years since their wedding day, and every morning that Tom wakes up next to Lisa, he can't help but thank his lucky stars for finally finding someone he loves!
Success Story #6 Image
Robert and Nina JollyRomance logo
Robert had been single for years, wishing to one day settle down with the girl of his dreams. He heard about mail-order brides and decided to try them, leading him to Ninaan -- independent and dynamic woman from the other side of the world. Despite the long distance between them, they quickly fell madly in love. Before either of them knew it, they had become inseparable, and they eventually decided to get married. Robert and Nina's whirlwind romance is truly one for the books!

Mail Order Brides Movies: A Look at a Controversial Genre

Mail order brides movies have been around for decades, but the topic still generates controversy. From questions surrounding the validity of such marriages to accusations of exploitation and objectification, these films continue to draw debate.

Some of the earliest mail order brides movies can be traced back to the 1960s with William Castle’s The Night Walker starring Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, which tells the story of a wealthy widower who finds an ad for a mail-order bride in a small-town newspaper.

Beyond just examining themes about love, marriage, and family dynamics, many of these movies confront difficult topics related to gender roles and identity in society. Check the documentary about mail order wives:


In conclusion, we’ve given you all the necessary information on how to find a mail order bride. We understand that it can be daunting and confusing to select one bride from among thousands of options, but we believe that with our expert guide, you will be able to find the perfect match for you. All you need is patience, an open mind, and a willingness to try something new.