Japanese Brides – How To Meet a Mail Order Bride From Japan?

Some men think Japanese brides are perfect. They are caring wives, excellent mistresses, and faithful companions. There is a unique oriental attractiveness in them. Japanese mail order wives are mysterious, alluring, and beautiful. Others, on the contrary, think that they are shallow and uninteresting. Contradictory publications on the Internet do not help much to clarify the situation. Someone thinks that Japanese ladies are cold and unsociable. Others talk about amazing relationships with Japanese girls. Where is the truth? Let’s make things clear and try to understand why men from all over the world try to get a future Japanese wife.

Sites To Meet Japanese Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites

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👭 Japanese women populationAround 64.9 million
💰 Average cost of a Japanese Bride4000 – 35000 $
🏙️ Top Cities to meet Japanese ladiesTokyo, Shibuya, Kyoto, Kawasaki, Shizuoka
💍 Average Marriage age28 – 53 y.o.
🏆 Success marriages88%
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Japanese Brides Characteristics

So, why are Japanese brides so popular among men worldwide? The answer to this question is obvious. Japanese women have excellent qualities that make Japanese wife online inimitable and unique.

  • First of all, they are beautiful. Japanese beauties have miniature, slender bodies, porcelain complexion, and smooth dark hair. From early childhood, Japanese girls are taught to take care of themselves every day. Their traditional beauty products are chosen very carefully, and they are simple and natural.
  • Traditionalism. The girls from Japan are quite conservative, modest, and obedient. Husband is the head of the family for them, and they are used to being obedient and doштп everything their husbands ask.
  • In most families from Japan, the husband is the main earner, but the women manage the family budget.
  • Women from Japan are great housekeepers. They cook, wash, clean the house, and raise children.

If you are in search of a nice, polite woman who will be an excellent wife and housekeeper, girls from the Land of the Rising Sun are what you need.

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Where To Find Japanese Wives?

There are several ways to meet Japanese women. The first one is to go to Japan and meet your love there. However, this method is not the most convenient. Another way is to meet Japanese girls online. There are a lot of dating platforms on the Internet offering Japanese brides for sale. The most important thing is to choose a trustworthy site offering safe and quality services. To do this, always read the users’ reviews before you register on the site. They will help you to understand whether to use the platform or not.

It’s also recommended to visit the official page of Japanese wife finder site to see what features it has, what safety measures it provides, how many profiles of beautiful Japanese women it has, and whether the paid membership costs a lot. There are free dating sites for finding a Japanese wife, of course. However, the set of features they offer is rather scant. Moreover, such dating platforms contain a lot of ads and fake accounts. Sometimes scammers create fake accounts to get financial benefits from other users.

That is why such dating sites are considered unsafe and unreliable. To find a Japanese wife in the shortest possible time, it’s recommended to use platforms offering both free and fee-based features. The prices for premium memberships are different. They mainly depend on the set of features the site provides and the number of profiles of mail order brides.

If you are fond of dating on the go, it’s recommended to choose the online sites that have mobile apps. Mobile apps are a great way to contact Japanese mail order brides from any location you are.

Is it difficult to register on online sites for meeting mail order Japanese brides? Actually, it’s quite easy to do. The registration is usually simple, free, and requires only several minutes. You need to provide your personal details such as your name, age, gender, phone number, email, etc. It’s good if a chosen online platform provides the procedure of verification. Verification is one of the ways to fight against fake accounts and scammers. Usually, email, phone, or photo verifications are performed.

To be successful on the dating platform and find Japanese wife in the shortest possible time, it’s recommended to create a detailed profile. It must contain a short bio and a description of your perfect partner. Don’t forget to add clear photos to attract more visitors to your profile page.

Remember, there are no dating sites fully free from fake accounts. So, you must stick to safety rules not to become a scammer’s victim. Always check the profile of the person you are going to contact. Fake and scammers’ profiles are usually not detailed. It’s also not recommended to provide your personal information to strangers on the site. If someone on the dating platform seems suspicious to you, feel free to contact the site’s administrators to report a suspicious user.

All You Should Know About Dating a Japanese Woman

Many women from Japan are fond of meeting and marrying a representative of another nationality. To make friends and build serious relationships with a woman from Japan, you need to know what they are interested in and follow certain rules to date a femme from Japan.

  • Be attentive and gallant. Even if you decide to meet Japanese women online, you should not neglect the basic rules of etiquette. Be polite, courteous, and also show care and attention to the woman.
  • Give presents. Girls of any nation like attention and presents. Femmes from Japan are no exception.

Success love stories

Success Story #1 Image
Nobuhiro & Jun DateAsianWoman logo

It all started when Nobuhiro saw a photo of Jun on an online dating site. He was immediately struck by her beauty and decided to message her. The two of them hit it off right away and began chatting frequently. They soon discovered that they had a lot in common, including their love of Japanese cuisine. Before long, they were making plans to meet in person. Their first date was magical, and they knew they wanted to see each other again. Now, Nobuhiro and Jun are happily married and have two beautiful children together. They often tell their friends and family that they owe it all to the online dating site that brought them together.

Success Story #2 Image
Aya & Taro FindAsianBeauty logo

Aya and Taro had been dating for a little over two months when they decided to meet in person for the first time. They had hit it off so well online that they were both really looking forward to seeing each other in person. When they finally met, it was even better than they had imagined. They talked and laughed for hours, and it felt like they had known each other forever. They quickly fell in love and started planning their future together. Aya and Taro are now married and have been together for five years. They are happy proof that meeting your soulmate online is possible!

Here are some ideas of what you can present to a Japanese bride:

  • Flowers – Present her a bouquet of scarlet roses; white or yellow flowers can cause incorrect associations.
  • Sweets are a wonderful gift. All women like sweets. Femmes from Japan are no exception.
  • Stuffed toys – girls all over the world like them, and Japanese women especially love them. Buy something pink and fluffy, and delight is almost guaranteed.
  • Don’t use anime templates to communicate with a Japanese mail order girlfriend. Most women from Japan don’t like to be compared to drawn 2D models.
  • Don’t kiss a woman from Japan in public. Most Asian girls are extremely negative about showing feelings in public, so they are unlikely to allow themselves to be kissed in public. So, if you decide to start building a relationship with a female from Japan, then be prepared for this.
  • Desist from long walks. All Japanese people prefer to value their time. A bride from Japan is unlikely to like a boyfriend who does not tend to value time. Although, a bride can make a certain exception if Japanese girlfriend has a foreign admirer.

These are the main recommendations that will be helpful if you want to date a Japanese women Sun successfully.

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What Benefits does Man get From Marrying Japanese Brides?

Why are guys from all over the world looking for Japanese girl for marriage? Let’s try to understand why girlfriends from Japan are so popular. Let’s start with the fact that ladies from Japan are beautiful. They have nice black hair, a miniature body, and an exotic appearance. However, an exotic appearance is not the only thing that attracts men and makes them want to find Japanese women for marriage. An important advantage of the femmes from Japan is that they absorb family values from their very birth. As a result, a woman becomes a very good wife:

  • faithful;
  • good householder ( she prepares meals, washes, cleans the house);
  • wants to have babies;
  • modest and obedient.

Do not forget that even Japanese femmes have their own character and their own opinion, but her husband is the head, boss, and master for her. If you are in search of an obedient wife, girls from Japan will suit you perfectly.

Do Japanese Mail Order Brides Like American Men?

If you decide to meet Japanese brides online, then you should know what these girls think about American guys. Are Japanese women looking for American men to get married? Well, women are quite willing to date a foreigner and marry him. So, why are Japan mail order brides looking for foreign husbands, Americans in particular?

  • The first stereotype. Most lonely women from Japan like American men because of their appearance. They prefer to have a tall and handsome guy, strong and gallant. So if your height is 180 centimeters or more, then you already have a huge advantage over the local guys. And it is quite difficult to refute the attractiveness of American men.
  • The second stereotype. Asian girls think that all foreign men tend to show gallantry and the basic rules of etiquette. Unfortunately, most Japanese guys don’t follow these life principles.
  • The third stereotype. Many Japanese mail order brides think that American guys are quite resistant to alcoholic beverages. Of course, there is a grain of truth in this statement. Since an American guy is more massive than an Asian guy, he will need much more alcohol to get his mind clouded. Ladies from Japan are very fond of hardy, strong men.

One can talk for a long time about what Asian girls think about American guys. However, these three stereotypes should be enough to conquer the heart of almost any Japan mail order bride.

The Difference Between Chinese and Japanese Mail Order Brides

When we come to any Asian country, at first, all the people around us look the same. And without practice, it isn’t easy to figure out who is in front of us: a Japanese or a Chinese. But once you have learned how to distinguish them, it’s also worth thinking about the external and internal differences in detail. How do Chinese and Japanese women relate to relationships, and what are the differences between these attitudes?

Different Dating Traditions

In Japan, the art of living, especially dating, requires talking to each other and looking into each other’s eyes. But in China, the fault of the modern generation is the laptop. How many times have you seen a Chinese couple share a romantic meal, delicious dishes, and a good bottle of wine, but with their eyes on their laptops?

Feelings Are More Important to Japanese Girls

The Japanese brides have a reputation for being romantic. They place a lot of importance on romantic feelings and emotions. In comparison, Chinese women seem to have a more rationalist view (but not devoid of feelings) on dating. In searching for a soul mate, the criteria are materialistic: the man should be tall and earn a good living. The woman should be beautiful and not earn more than her husband.

Attitudes Toward Family Life and Children

Even if the age of marriage is rising in the big Chinese cities, it is instead because young people devote themselves first to their careers. But when Chinese ladies start dating a man and get married, they do it rather quickly. Stunning Japanese mail order brides will first spend time getting closer to a partner, getting to know him, and finding common ground before starting a serious relationship.

Japanese Ladies Take Care of Their Beauty

Women in China do not like to take care of themselves, and in the middle of the day, you can find a lady in home clothes. Chinese girls wear plain clothes with plenty of sequins and rhinestones. On the contrary, charming Japan mail order brides have lighter skin, but this does not prevent them from making it whiter with various bleaching agents. They are attentive to their appearance and spend a lot of time taking care of themselves every day. It is challenging to meet a Japanese girl with dirty hair or clothes in a public place.

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Wedding Ceremony in Japan for Foreigners

Modern Japan is a country of contrasts, where high technology is born, and the precepts of the ancestors are honored. In the same way, the wedding ceremony in Japan combines ancient traditions and Western innovations. How does a wedding ceremony occur in the Land of the Rising Sun? What should you be prepared for when marrying a Japanese woman in her country?

The Japanese embrace different faiths and have nothing against other religions. That is why weddings are celebrated differently here.

Type of wedding ceremonyChristian weddingShinto-style weddingBuddhist wedding
Distinctive featuresOnly Christians could play this wedding, but now it is possible to perform the ceremony without belonging to this religion. The ceremony is held in a chapel with a priest.It is a traditional Japanese ceremony performed by most couples in a Shinto shrine. Only close family members of Japanese brides can attend such a celebration.Only couples who both adhere to the religion of Buddhism can have such a ceremony, so this type is becoming less and less popular due to the small number of adherents of this religion.

However, one unifying factor for all these weddings is that the Japanese get married in the warm season and have lavish ceremonies.

Modern Wedding Traditions in Japan

Although parental involvement has not diminished, Japanese people now marry for love and mutual consent. And engagements are less strict, such as at a family dinner at a restaurant. At the festive feast, the groom gives the future wife a platinum ring with a stone symbolizing the month of the birth of the Japanese bride.

How Should Spouses Prepare for a Wedding?

Most couples in Japan lean toward the traditional engagement in the temple, with clear regulations and ancient rituals. Special attention is paid to the bride’s wedding dress. The couple rents a white kimono and a unique headdress for the wedding. However, when you meet a Japanese mail order bride and want to marry her in Japan, it is unnecessary to celebrate the wedding, but only sign and officially legitimize the relationship. It becomes unnecessary to hold the ceremony in a temple with all the traditions and organize a banquet.

Wedding Tourism in Japan

Thousands of tourists visit Japan every year, and many come especially for wedding tours. You may also be interested in such an offer after you decide to get a Japanese mail order wife. Japanese have organized special wedding centers. These include:

  • Shinagawa Jinja temple, Tokyo
  • Meiji Jingu, Tokyo
  • Heian Jingu, Kyoto
  • Okazaki Jinja, Kyoto
  • Sensoji Temple, Tokyo

Keep in mind that Japanese wives will never forget their wedding ceremony, so try to make this day exciting and romantic.

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International marriages are popular nowadays. If your dream is to meet a Japan lady, there are several ways to do this. The first one is to go to the Japan. However, it’s not the best way to find Japanese mail order bride. The most convenient way to meet a bride from Japan is to register on one of the online dating platforms. There are a lot of them on the Internet, and they contain a lot of profiles of women looking for love. The most important thing is to choose a reliable online platform with safe and qualified services.

Follow some safety rules described above to choose the best site and get a beautiful Japanese wife. The registration on such platforms is usually simple, free of cost, and doesn’t require much time. You only need to inscribe your personal details into the empty fields of the registration form to sign up. Make sure the online site you have chosen has many profiles of Japanese singles and cool dating features. If you are fond of dating on the go, it’s recommended to choose online platforms offering mobile apps.

It’s also recommended to study the traditions and common characteristics of ladies from the Land of the Rising Sun to find your perfect Japanese mail order bride. All in all, ladies from Japan are caring, faithful, and polite. You will get a lot of love and care if you choose a Japanese bride.


How to Attract a Japanese Woman?

It's not difficult to attract a woman from Japan. Be gallant and attentive. Make compliments and give presents. All girls like sweets, stuffed toys, and flowers. Think about presenting them to your girlfriend.

Why Are Japanese Women So Beautiful?

Japanese girls attract man from worldwide with their beauty. What is the secret of their attractiveness? It combines the traditions of healthy cuisine, using ancient beauty secrets along with current beauty technologies, and a harmonious outlook on life.

Where to Get a Japanese Mail Order Bride?

If you are in search of an answer on how to find a Japanese bride, the following information will be helpful. There are several ways to find a bride from the Land of the Rising Sun. The first way is to go to Japan and find a girlfriend there. The second way is more popular. You need to register on one of the online sites that contain a lot of profiles of women from the Land of the Rising Sun. Make sure that the site you have chosen is trustworthy.

Can I Marry a Japanese Girl?

Japanese femmes like foreign men, and they gladly marry them. Foreigners seem to be strong, gallant, and attractive to them. Still, before you start dating a Japanese girls, it's recommended to study Japanese traditions and common characteristics.

How Much Does it Cost to Marry a Japanese Bride?

If you decided to use the services of online dating platforms to find a Japanese mail order wife, it’s better to choose a platform that offers a paid membership. The prices within premium memberships are different. They mainly depend on the set of features the platform offers and the number of profiles it has. Moreover, if you want to send virtual gifts, stickers, or apply a video option to see a woman you are communicating with, you need to pay additional fees.

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