How To Get Married Successfully: Dating Indian Brides

International marriage is not new in our world. Due to various reasons, people often seek love from abroad. However, how to figure out in what country to find a future wife? Consider Indian brides! These women are extremely beautiful, intelligent, and know how to make their husbands happy. 

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Indian mail order brides are considered some of the most beautiful and perfect future wives. The country has amazing traditions, including marriage customs. A typical family in India consists of a husband, who is the breadwinner, and an Indian wife, who takes care of the household and kids. Most families in India value boys over girls, but it’s typical to have around three kids in a family anyway. 

Keep reading the article to learn more about Indian brides, their characteristics, wedding traditions, etc. 

Indian Women: General Facts And Statistics 

Undoubtedly, Indian women are some of the most beautiful ladies out there. They are tall, with long thick, and silky hair. Indian women are known for having amazing big dark eyes and smooth, flawless skin. However, these are just physical characteristics, but what about personality and other interesting facts? Here are a few important facts about Indian women:

  • Indian women have a high fertility rate, so their families are often with children.
  • Indian women often pursue a major or bachelor’s degree, so they are intelligent.
  • Indian brides have amazing budgeting skills and are financially literate.
  • Indian wives become perfect and caring mothers.

It’s also worth mentioning that the number of female graduates is higher than the number of male graduates in India. Indian brides aren’t just beautiful, and they are also well-spoken, extremely kind, and generous. A man who marries an Indian wife is a happy man!

Indian Brides

Reasons To Marry An Indian Bride 

Typically, a good Indian wife takes care of her family and household and raises children. However, times change, and a lot of beautiful Indian mail order brides choose to pursue a career. But it doesn’t mean they don’t get married.

Often, Indian mail order brides combine married life with their work. They still take care of the household and kids. So, that’s one of the reasons why foreign guys choose Indian women. However, there are tons of other reasons, for instance:

  • Beauty. There is no doubt that Indian women are extremely attractive. Even though the beauty trend states that Indian mail order brides should have fair skin, beauties with golden or tanned skin keep attracting men’s attention. Indian brides are curvey (not fat), while also slim. They have long dark hair and huge eyes in various shades of brown. 
  • Intelligence. You will always find a topic to discuss with a beautiful Indian bride.
  • Wisdom. One might say that wisdom and intelligence are the same terms. However, in India, they are different. Indian women are wise since they know when to compromise, when to stand their ground, etc. That’s a great quality for marriage.
  • Family-orientedness. Indian women prefer to get married and have children. If you want a traditional type of marriage, an Indian bride is a perfect choice.

Now let’s check the pros and cons of marrying an Indian bride. You are aware of the reasons to marry an Indian mail order bride, so now check the potential disadvantages as well.

A healthier lifestyle when married to an Indian wife.Her family may be too involved.
Your Indian bride will take care of the household.If her family is traditional, and you have a daughter with your wife and not a son, they might not like the child.
Your Indian bride wants you to be happy.
Married to a beautiful woman.
A family with kids. 

So, these are the pros and cons of marrying an Indian bride. When choosing an Indian mail order bride, it’s critical to understand that all people are different. You may encounter a very independent Indian bride who is more interested in her career. Or you may meet an Indian woman interested in having a perfect family. 

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Does India Have Mail Order Brides? 

First, let’s figure out what is with this odd stigma surrounding the term mail order bride. An Indian mail order bride is a woman who wants to marry a foreigner. A foreigner, in this case, is a mail-order husband or groom. And that’s it!

In the past, the mail order process referred to men and women asking newspapers to publish their marriage proposals. It was popular in the colonized regions. Today, it’s just a term that marks the fact that two people want to get married. 

So, the answer is yes, India does have Indian brides. Many Indian women want to marry foreigners for various reasons. Some Indian women believe western men are more appreciative of women. Others want to try dating foreigners in case they may like them more than local guys. Reasons are different, but one thing remains the same: Indian brides are interested in long-lasting relationships.

Hooking up in India is very uncommon. In some areas, it’s not just uncommon. It’s frowned upon and may cause a ton of trouble, if not worse. Especially when it comes to Indian women, society is rather harsh on them. 

So, if you want to find brides from India, ensure you know how to behave. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t be too touchy. Beautiful Indian women are often taken aback when men are too straightforward. Don’t try to kiss her on your first date.
  • Be careful with PDA. In this case, PDA stands for public display of affection. In bigger cities, it’s OK to hold hands, cuddle, and kiss (if in a restaurant). But in more rural areas, even holding hands can get you and your Indian bride in big trouble.
  • Be respectful of her parents. Your Indian woman’s parents are the most important people to your success. You have to convince them that you will become a great husband for their daughter.

The easiest way to meet an Indian bride is to use a dating website. You can use our list of best cities to find an Indian woman and use filters to specify the city of your future girlfriend. 

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Indian Wedding Traditions 

When a man is looking for Indian girl for marriage, they should learn a bit more about Indian marriage and wedding traditions. One thing known to most people is that a lot of Indians still consider arranged marriages a normal thing. It’s true, and not just in rural areas. However, the most populated Indian cities are more liberal towards people dating before marriage.

There are many other interesting weddings, marriage, and dating traditions in India. Check out this list before we proceed in detail:

  • Engagement.
  • Pithi.
  • Mayra.
  • Sangeet and Mehendi.
  • A wedding procession.

These are a few wedding traditions you might be interested in if looking for Indian brides for marriage. Now let’s dive into the details.


Indian women prefer a lengthy traditional engagement procedure. This process works as a contract (verbal) between the families of both the Indian bride and groom. The engagement is a beautiful procedure when both families decide on the wedding date. Moreover, the wedding procedure begins 15 days prior to the ceremony.


It’s a tradition that some Indian brides don’t want to skip since it brings life. The Pithi is a paste. Someone has to apply this paste to the Indian woman’s and man’s skin at home prior to the ceremony. 


It’s an optional tradition. The maternal uncle has to bring wedding outfits for both the mother of an Indian bride and groom. Moreover, the ceremony itself has several separate events and consists of Sangeet & Mehendi, the wedding ceremony, and the reception. 

Sangeet And Mehendi

Sangeet is when friends and family members from Indian woman’s and man’s sides meet to get to know each other. This process takes place at the Indian bride’s home. During this procedure, the Indian woman and her fellow female family members participate in the Mehendi rituals. The idea is to apply henna to the Indian bride’s hands and feet. As a result, the Indian woman has beautiful drawings on her arms and feet. 

A Wedding Procession

It’s an extremely beautiful and cheerful tradition since the groom arrives on a white horse! His relatives and family members dance around him. Then the Indian bride and her groom exchange Milni Mala (floral necklaces) and wear them around their necks. 

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Best Cities To Find Indian Brides 

One may assume that it’s easy to encounter an Indian wife. Well, there is always the “but.” In this case, there are tons of various factors. Starting from the city to start the search to the need to convince your potential girlfriend that you have serious intentions. Indian women are beautiful, so they are used to foreigners approaching them and trying to take advantage of their naivety. 

Yes, if you successfully meet a woman in one of the cities from the table below, you will have to work hard to convince the Indian mail order bride that you have serious intentions. But first, let’s start with the cities. 

CityReason to visit
MumbaiBest to find Indian wife.
JaipurHas a romantic atmosphere, easier to find a date. 
RishikeshYou can visit the Ganges for spiritual enlightenment and may meet an Indian bride who came there for the same reason. 
VaranasiVisit a Diwali festival to meet a beautiful Indian wife.

Now, let’s talk about convincing your Indian bride that you have serious intentions. Here is a list of valuable tips:

  • Move to India long-term. If you’re a traveler, most Indian mail order brides will automatically label you as a playboy who wants to hook up and nothing more. Hooking up isn’t very common in India. However, if you move to the country for some time, for example, for work, you may look more like a marriage material guy. 
  • Use an Indian wife finder (a dating website). Here’s how the method works: choose a reliable international website or a dating app that works in India. The first option is better since such apps have an English interface, and users can speak English. Then use the search and specify the city(s) where you want to find an Indian woman. Then start a conversation with an Indian bride. If you like each other, visit your Indian bride. That’s it! 
  • Make Indian guy friends in India. Ensure these guys have progressive views and are OK with you finding an Indian bride. They might introduce you to some beautiful Indian women.

These are basic tips to encounter a future Indian wife. You may consider other tips too. And as for the cities, mentioned options in the table are the best. These are big, populated, and, most importantly, modern cities with people with modern views. 


As you see, Indian mail order brides can bring a lot to the table. Typical beautiful Indian wives are interested in catering to the interests of their husbands since that’s how it mainly works in Indian society. Indian brides are beautiful and family-oriented. 

Mothers raise their daughters to be perfect Indian wives. Even in the most modern families, a husband is still considered the leader. An Indian mail order bride has to follow her husband’s lead. However, men who want to date Indian brides should understand one important thing: they need to respect their Indian wives.

Typically, a modern family in India has the Indian woman and her husband working. Partially because it’s the 21st century, and women everywhere, including Indian women, are allowed to have an education and dream jobs. It could also be because the economic situation in the entire world requires both members of the family to work.

However, note one important thing: India isn’t an outdated country where the Indian woman stays at home and has only two interests in life (her husband and her kids). An Indian bride is educated, intelligent, cheerful, knows how to have fun, and can be extremely wise in life.

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