Singaporean Women Dating: Everything You Need to Know

Singapore is a fairly young state, but it has already become a popular tourist destination. Mentally, Singapore stands at the crossroads of West and East, so here we can observe the rapid development at a Western pace and the preserved traditionality and conservatism as the best features of the East.

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Singaporean single ladies are about East and West at the same time. Ladies from Singapore are Asian girls with European values. However, this is not the only reason why Singaporean girlfriends are popular in the online dating market. We have prepared a guide for those interested in dating a Singaporean woman. Is dating Singaporean girl easy? How to get a Singaporean gf? These questions are answered further, so keep reading.

Number of Single Women in SingaporeIn 2021, 31.4 percent of women between 30 to 39 years old with a university degree in Singapore were single.
Best Cities/Countries to meet beauties in SingaporeJurong EastYishunButik BatokPulao UjongTampinesTengah
Dating Apps Used in SingaporeBumbleGrindrTinderLovooInternationalCupid
Average Dating Time Before Marriage in Singapore6-9 months.
Marriage Success Rate60%.
Dating a Singaporean Woman

Dating a Singaporean Woman as a Foreign Man: What to Know Before

Although Singapore has included some elements from the Western world in its culture, it is still very Buddhist. It follows that in a marriage between a foreigner and a Singaporean girlfriend, problems can often arise due to the other mentality. One must take this into account if eager to marry in Singapore.

Above all, you should show respect and understanding towards your Singaporean woman. The Singapore family has certain expectations of the husband regarding the so-called morning gift. This is an integral part of Asia’s culture. This means that the people of Singapore strive for a high standard of living, and in order to be able to achieve it, a lot of money is expected from foreigners. Just as important as a lot of money are for people from Singapore, good business relationships and a good understanding of the culture in Singapore also matter.

What Do Singaporean Girls Expect From Their Partners?

Singaporean women primarily want respect, good manners, love, security, and support from their partners. When a Singaporean woman falls in love, she feels a great fear of losing the man. That’s why ladies from Singapore need so much harmony, and it’s important to talk with them about everything. Women from Singapore want their partners to always get in touch with them. As already mentioned, finances play a major role for Singaporean women. A high level of education and a good profession is required in Singapore. Furthermore, it is very important to the women from Singapore that the men still remain calm in disputes and talk patiently to them about everything.

Facts About Singaporean Women

If you have met a woman from Singapore for the first time, you will quickly feel as if she is at a distance from you. The natural distance is natural for Singaporean women. However, this does not have to be seen as a disadvantage. In fact, numerous points speak in favor of meeting women from Singapore. Before you start dating Singaporean women, let’s take a look at some facts about them. It’s important to understand what to expect before dating Singaporean ladies.

  • Friendliness. Friendliness or courtesy are of particular importance in Singapore. Women are very polite to every person, albeit reserved. Ladies from Singapore willingly go into a nice conversation and would never criticize people. However, this does not mean that Singaporean wives do not form their own opinion. When dating women from Singapore, you will notice it immediately.
  • Beauty. Of course, girls of all nationalities are beautiful in their own way, so this is exclusively a matter of taste. Women from Singapore have miniature figures, long dark hair, and swollen lips. While Western women try to get everything with the help of plastic and cosmetics, Singaporean females have already received everything from nature.
  • Smartness. The government of Singapore has done a lot to ensure that women and men in Singapore have equal rights and opportunities. In fact, men still earn a little more than women in Singapore (on average, 6% more), but the girls in Singapore are very smart and educated. The education system in this country is considered one of the best in the world. It is another argument in favor of dating in Singapore.
  • Intelligence. The women from Singapore are considered particularly intelligent. Ladies from Singapore enjoy an excellent education and have high expectations of their lives. Ladies from Singapore are willing to invest a lot in this as well.
  • Determination. For Singaporean women, it is not self-evident that the man pays for all living costs. Therefore, ladies from Singapore are very eager to enjoy a good education themselves and to take on a job where they earn an optimal salary.

As you can see, finding a girlfriend from Singapore is definitely a nice choice. To make it easier for you, we have decided to give you some tips. 

Singaporean Dating Culture

If you decide to date Singaporean women and marry a woman from Singapore, you should understand that contact with her family is something you won’t avoid at any cost. The family attaches great importance to the fact that the woman is protected and that they also benefit, so finances matter. As a husband, you should transfer money to the family. However, talk about it with your future wife. She can tell you how traditional her family is.

It is not so easy to date a Singaporean girl because Singaporean women are very reserved and distant. Therefore, the first dates will mainly include many conversations. On the following dates, however, you will quickly notice how much fun and entertainment you can enjoy with a Singaporean girl.

relationship with Singaporean woman

Since these are pretty open girls with a relatively free view of life, it will be enough if you are simply yourself. Here are some more tips.

  • Identify your goals immediately. Singaporean ladies can look for both a serious relationship and someone to have fun with.
  • Respect her parents and don’t say anything bad about your parents. Respect for parents flows in the blood of all Singaporean ladies without exception.
  • Look for a girl of your level. Everything is understandable here.
  • Talk about various topics. Singaporean girls are educated enough to make every conversation interesting and seamless.

Tips To Date Singaporean Women Successfully

If you are looking for a partner in Singapore, there are a few points that can help you achieve more success. These include the following areas:

  • Punctuality. Punctuality is one of the most important virtues to which women in Singapore attach great importance. If you have arranged a date, you should definitely arrive on time. For women from Singapore, it is a sign of a lack of respect if it is not important to you to be on time.
  • Appearance. Women from Singapore are not superficial but still attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance. When making an appointment, it should be clear that you must arrive good-looking.
  • Behaviour. The greeting is simple, and a handshake may well be made here. Be careful not to be too exuberant and not to be too guided by your feelings. Accept the woman’s restraint. 
  • Cultural imprints. In Singapore, many different cultural influences come together, and this is also important to consider. Tenderness should not be shown in public in Singapore. The religious affiliation of women can also give you an indication of what needs to be considered.

Singaporean Girlfriend as a Wife: What to Expect?

The ladies in Singapore make great wives, and here are the reasons:

  • Singaporean women know their worth. Ladies in Singapore are girls who love themselves, know their value, and understand who they are. But don’t confuse this with selfishness – love for others always begins with self-love, so this is a fairly appropriate characteristic typical of the Western mentality.
  • Singaporean women know how to keep a balance. Ladies in Singapore focus on their careers, but when they meet someone who really suits them, they are ready to assign a place to their husbands, family, and children. However, do not expect a lady from Singapore to give up work, career, and development – as we have said, Singaporean girls are brought up in the spirit of self-sufficiency.
  • Singaporean women respect family values. Nevertheless, Singaporean girls share the traditional Asian views that divorce is not always the best way out; ladies in Singapore think it is normal for a woman to do housework and take care of children. In addition, they are very respectful of parents and older relatives.
  • Singaporean women want to have a partnership. And here is another Western feature – they are willing to invest their time and energy in relationships and family, but they will expect the same from a man. In other words, they stand for gender equality in marriage and family and for fair agreements based on mutual respect.
girlfriend from Singapore

Success Stories Of Dating Singaporean Girls in the USA

We have found several success stories of men who are dating a Singaporean girl now (some are even married!). Let’s take a look. 

  • Jack, 34: “I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship on Tinder. It was interesting for me to just communicate, but if it grew into something more, I would not mind. For about a month, I unsuccessfully wasted time on the application; conversations did not go far. But when I had a “match” with Sarah (one of the Singaporean girls), I immediately liked her, and we quickly found a common language. We are dating now, and she is going to move to my place!”
  • Stephen, 40: “Honestly, I have been wasting time on a dating site for a long time. The questionnaire was then deleted then restored again. Once a Singaporean lady wrote me a banal “How are you?”. I still thought that the person had no creativity at all, but nevertheless, I answered her. On the third day of our correspondence, I offered to meet in her city. Now we are scheduling a wedding!”
  • Michael, 37: “I registered on a dating site to somehow distract from the loss of a loved one. One of the first to write to me was a lady from Singapore. She immediately showed concern and supported me in a difficult period, which attracted my attention. A month later, I finally decided to see her. Seven months of our relationship was like a fairy tale.”

Singaporean Ladies like in Relationships: Pros and Cons 

Understandably, relationships with a lady from another country have both benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at both.

Different Mentality 

Many people generally deny the existence of a national mentality in Singapore. But, no matter how we deny it, there is a difference between people from different countries. You will notice it during Singaporean women online dating.

Love relationships are a rather difficult system, requiring constant work on oneself. And relations with the “exotic beauty” from Singapore are complicated by obvious differences in the perception of the world around them. The problem can come from where you do not expect it at all. 

Language Barrier

A conversation between two lovers is the basis of a harmonious relationship. Often there are quarrels because you simply do not understand your partner. What can we say about a language barrier separating you from a foreigner? In any conflict situation, it is extremely important and, at the same time, difficult to clearly define one’s position. It will be much more difficult to convey your opinion to your beloved using a foreign language. In the same way, expressing your love becomes a difficult task. In moments of spiritual experiences, even joyful ones, thoughts get confused. You will have to work hard to correctly express all the tenderness and awe that you experience in relation to the chosen one.


Understandably, there are much more benefits. Those are:

  • Beauty of your loved one.
  • Family values.
  • Understanding and support.
  • These ladies make great mothers.

As you can see, it is worth giving it a try.

Singaporean women online dating

Author Conclusion

All in all, a relationship with Singaporean woman is definitely worth it! These ladies are charming, educated, and loving, so what else can one dream about? Just select a reliable dating platform, and your success chances will be high!


Are Singaporean Girls Caring?

When looking for a partner, every person wants him/her to be loving, caring, and understanding. If you want to date one of the local brides, you will be surprised by how caring ladies from Singapore are. But remember that in case you show disrespect and lack of attention, you won’t be taken care of.

What Dating Apps Do Singaporean Women Use?

Ladies from this area utilize diverse dating sites. Those are AsianDating, Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, and more. 

How Can I Meet a Singaporean Woman?

Nowadays, the easiest way to meet a bride from any corner of the world is to use one of the modern dating platforms. Just select a reliable service, register, provide some information about yourself, and enjoy all the benefits. 

Where Can I Find Singaporean Girlfriends Online?

The number of platforms on the market is overwhelming, so it may be pretty difficult to make a choice. Take a look at user reviews, customer support, profile quality, and security: they can show if the site is trustworthy.

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