Irish Women: Dating Culture, Characteristics, Top Tips

Anyone who has ever been to Ireland or has seen pictures knows that Ireland is a beautiful country with a breathtaking landscape. Green fields, endlessly long beaches, and fascinating cliffs look as if they only exist in movies. But the natural beauty is reflected not only in the country but also in women. Many Irish women are very attractive in a natural way. Women from Ireland are also said to be very good partners and are honest. 

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irish women dating

What characterizes Irish single ladies? Are there any tips to consider when flirting or getting to know each other? What claims does an Irish woman make when choosing a partner? Do Irish women prefer a certain type of man? Is dating Irish women easy? Our guide would like to go into more detail about the individual questions. 

The number of Single Women in Ireland1 million.
Best Cities to meet beauties in IrelandDublinBelfastCorkDerry
Dating Apps/Sites Used in IrelandEliteSinglesInternationalCupidBadoo and more
Average Dating Time Before Marriage in IrelandHotties from Ireland are picky: it may take up to 2 years of dating before they get married.
Marriage Success Rate in Ireland85%.

Dating an Irish Woman as a Foreign Man: What to Know Before

Irish girls are characterized by fundamental qualities that distinguish Irish women. Since Ireland is a fairly traditional country, the people in Ireland are also largely traditionally oriented. However, there are exceptions; women who live in large cities such as Dublin may no longer attach such great importance to religion and traditions. 

Those interested in dating Irish girls should know that most Irish women are very nice and friendly, but at first, ladies in Ireland are rather critical or reserved towards strangers. This in no way means that the women from Ireland are not always helpful – quite the contrary. What makes Irish women special is the enormous charm combined with the attractive English accent. A large proportion of the women from Ireland are also very musical; it is not too rare for ladies in Ireland to play up to two instruments and sing. The open nature also distinguishes the people in Ireland because they are not at all snooty but very down-to-earth people.

Partner Expectations

Is dating Irish girl easy? Are ladies in Ireland picky? It is said that Ireland’s women are the pickiest ladies in Europe. The risk that one cannot meet the high expectations of ladies in Ireland and will therefore be rejected should be considerable. Therefore, it is important to make an effort during Irish women dating and not take women for granted. Also, ladies in Ireland attach great importance to the fact that the man is honest and faithful.

In addition, a man must be able to be a good listener. Otherwise, dating an Irish woman will be stressful. He should also be optimistic. Money and a good job also play an important role. The appearance and the figure play a minor role.

girlfriend from Ireland

Facts About Women in Ireland

If you have spent your whole life on another continent, it is very likely that you have never met a single Irish woman. It is almost impossible to describe the charm of Irish girlfriends in an article, but these are the four most important facts you need to know about them.

Ladies From Ireland Look Absolutely Lovely

A popular stereotype about ladies in Ireland is that they are all redheads with freckles and with green eyes, but it is only partially true. There are many Irish females who have all these qualities, but there are also many Irish ladies who are European in their appearance. Irish girls have fantastic figures, but since their clothing style is not particularly revealing, you can only see their beautiful curves.

Ladies From Ireland Have Strong Family Values

There are many ladies in Ireland who have impressive careers and are successful in other aspects of life, but none of these things are as important to them as their families. At first, it only includes her parents and siblings, but as soon as your relationship with an Irish girl gets serious, her family will also include you. Irish girls have their family as their top priority and are constantly working to strengthen their bonds and ensure that their families have everything they need. Remember this if you want to date Irish women.

Ladies From Ireland Are Incomparable in the Kitchen

Another popular stereotype about Ireland is that the basic food of this country is potatoes. This may be partly true, but while a typical Western woman can name about five potato dishes, a girl in Ireland can call 100. Women in Ireland are not only naturally talented in cooking, but they also love to learn new techniques and try out new recipes. Ladies in Ireland cook not because it is an annoying duty but because they want to provide their loved ones with the most nutritious food.

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Dating Culture In Ireland

If you are looking for a woman from Ireland, it makes sense to learn a few points about the dating culture. Otherwise, you might be surprised or even shocked if you are not prepared:

  • Try not to interrupt your Irish girlfriend: hotties from Ireland like to talk and are never embarrassed by words.
  • A laugh is quite natural for them: Irish girls are funny and know a lot of jokes.
  • Being casual when it comes to appointments is wrong.
  • Swearing girls are not uncommon: this is traditional in this country, and girls are no exception.
  • People here get married late, but the divorce rate is lowest in Ireland: women marry once and forever.
  • Respect their country and culture. When dating women from Ireland, you will see how much they love Ireland. Every Irish woman will tell you a lot about Ireland. Patriotism is in their blood. Ireland has not lost its identity to this day and preserves its culture.

Tips To Date Irish Women Successfully

As a man who had little to no experience with Irish women, you can be intimidated by the prospect of starting a relationship with an Irish woman. The good news is that ladies in Ireland are not so different from the women you have previously met, but these tips will help you build the perfect relationship.

  • Be careful with alcohol. Women in Ireland feel comfortable about alcohol, but don’t try to impress your lady from Ireland with your drinking talents. There is a good chance that you will overdo it and embarrass yourself, and Irish ladies are actually careful with people who do not know their limits with alcohol.
  • Show your sense of humor. Irish women may hate rude jokes about their home country, but otherwise, their sense of humor is really legendary. A lady from Ireland will never seriously consider a man who does not laugh at the same things as her, so make sure you refresh your knowledge of Irish humor.
  • Show interest in her family. If you are really interested in a relationship with Irish woman, you should accept and respect her family. Irish women need to know that you are a family man. As soon as your relationship gets serious, be the first to initiate a meeting with your Irish wife’s family and try to get as close as possible to them so that they form a positive opinion about you.

Irish Girlfriend as a Wife: What to Expect?

At the moment, you may only want to date an Irish girl without making long-term plans, but we are convinced that after spending a while with your lady from Ireland, you want to keep her by your side forever. Wives from Ireland are very popular with Western men; plenty of them dream about dating an Irish girl, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Women from Ireland can do many things; ladies in Ireland are never boring. No matter how long you live with your Irish wife, you will still discover new aspects of her personality, while she will always find new ways to keep you happy and entertained.
  • Wives from Ireland are extremely loyal. ladies in Ireland stand with their partners through the good and the bad, and you can always rely on your Irish wife in every situation.
  • Irish ladies make outstanding mothers. Most Irish girls grew up in families with several siblings, which taught them the basics of caring for the little ones and made them appreciate family connections and life at home.
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Success Stories Of Dating Irish Girls in the USA

Our guide would not be full without telling you real stories of people who found their soulmates using the Internet! Here are the stories of three happy guys.

  • Markus, 41: “Surprisingly enough, I have found my true love from Ireland on a dating site. I divorced about half a year ago and wasn’t really going to find a new partner. I registered for communication. Several months later, I found a hottie from Ireland who stole my heart! We met recently, and although she is younger (she is 30), we understand each other perfectly!”
  • Aaron, 30: “My friend recommended me the dating platform he found his wife on. I decided to give it a try, as I failed to find my soulmate offline. I didn’t expect anything, and it took me about a year to get acquainted with the lady of my dream! Fiadh is from Ireland. She is caring, understanding, and supportive. We now live together, and I often think it’s high time to marry her. Wish me good luck!”
  • Shawn, 38: “It may sound odd, but I don’t like women in the USA: they are career-focused and are ready to break up with a guy immediately when something goes wrong. That’s why I decided to try InternationalCupid. I selected it based on reviews. I was shocked by the number of hotties and profile quality! I communicated with four ladies simultaneously, but only one of them managed to steal my heart. Hannah gives me everything I need. She is an Irish lady who lives in the USA now, and I think she is a perfect wife for me.”

Irish Ladies like in Relationships: Pros and Cons 

Every lady from Ireland is unique. It’s pretty difficult to make broad generalizations about women from any country. Nevertheless, let us attempt to uncover the advantages and disadvantages of girls from Ireland in relationships.


  • The beauty of Ireland is one-of-a-kind and amazing. Local ladies are known because of their unique appearance.
  • English is the official language in the country, and these girls can speak it. 
  • Brides in Ireland place a strong emphasis on family and morals.


  • These girls are highly stern, and all must be in perfect order all the time.
  • Irish girls don’t marry early, which helps them choose the best people.
  • Local women are known to act like children and to be unserious.
Irish women online dating

Author Conclusion

All of us want to find true love. But what to do if one cannot find a soulmate offline? Dating sites come to the rescue. A girlfriend from Ireland is what many men dream about, so why not try your luck? Irish women online dating is now easier than ever.


How Can I Meet an Irish Woman?

The easiest way to meet Irish wives is by using dating platforms. They are easy to use, convenient, and provide excellent communication options. Moreover, filters can help you choose a partner taking into account diverse parameters like height, belief, hair color, and more.

Where Do Irish People Go on Dates?

You already know a lot about local dating culture, but here are several more recommendations for your first date. First of all, it should take place in a public area (a restaurant, a park, a cozy cafe, etc.). This way, a lady will feel safe and comfortable. In general, these ladies are not too demanding: they prefer traditional dating.

What Dating App Do They Use?

Those interested in dating Irish ladies should know that these hotties willingly utilize both international and local dating sites and apps. Some of the most popular options are Badoo, SweetMeet, InternationalCupid, iHappy, and Bumble.

Where Can I Find Irish Girlfriends Online?

If you are interested in dating in Ireland, you already know that dating sites provide decent options for finding an ideal marriage candidate in Ireland. But to find an Irish gf, you must choose a reliable option. Thankfully, there are many dating sites you can use in Ireland, so the choice is good. We recommend choosing the right platform in Ireland based on such indicators as reviews, number of users, reputation, customer support, and privacy.

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