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One can easily fall in love with a woman of their land. However, when you marry a foreign girl, there is a different charm, especially when they are pretty Bulgarian brides. Bulgarian brides are incredibly gorgeous and attract men from all over the world. Bulgaria is full of women looking for American men. So, if you are looking for Bulgarian mail order brides, there are high chances you will meet your ideal soulmate soon. You can easily connect with them via online platforms or visit their country to meet them in person. Some of the famous cities of Bulgaria where you can find a Bulgarian mail order bride include Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. These places are known for their exotic beauty both in terms of location and women. Hence, visiting their country won’t disappoint you ever. Are you eager to learn more about Bulgarian women? If you said yes, then keep reading!

Sites To Find Bulgarian Brides

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❤️ Success rate 75%
💰 Average cost of Bulgarian singles $1,000 – $5,500
⌛ Average age of Bulgarian singles 25 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate ~30%

Why Are Bulgarian Mail Order Brides So Popular?

A Bulgarian brides woman is highly demanded in the marriage market. Men usually get lured by their beauty. Even though we agree they are gorgeous, they are more than their appearance. Bulgarian mail order brides are pretty inside and out. Bulgarian women carry several traits that make them unique from the other ladies of the world. That is why so many international grooms fall for them soon after meeting them in person. You must be amazed to hear such praises for Bulgarian mail-order brides. You will be more shocked to read about their personality. Have a look below:

Bulgarian women are stunning

When looking for a girl who looks pretty for every angle, you should always opt for Bulgarian singles. No matter how or when you see them, their beauty will enthrall you the most. Bulgarian brides have perfect slim waits, long arms, sexy legs, curvy chest, fuller lips, and thinner noses. Don’t these features describe an angel from heaven? Well, these women are no less! Their charm is the first thing that men notice, and they want to choose Bulgarian women for marriage.

Bulgarian women are stylish

Bulgarian mail order brides have a top-notch fashion sense. They know which occasion demands what clothes. Most of the time, Bulgarian women love wearing brightly colored clothing items. Hence, you will get a great summer vibe whenever you look at them that pleases the eyes. Just because they love wearing bright colors doesn’t mean they cannot flaunt the other darker shades. Bulgarian women wear those too and carry every look gracefully.

Bulgarian ladies are well-behaved

Men seem to love Bulgarian women who act like mature ladies and know how to behave in public. If you, too, desire the same, then the Bulgarian girls will be able to impress you. Bulgarian women have been trained with good manners since their childhood. Hence, you will hardly hear them cursing or behaving impolitely with people. Thus, Bulgarian women can easily win the heart of your close ones!

Bulgarian ladies are super active

Bulgarian girls are blessed with the perfect figure for their genes and because these women stay active in their lives. They love traveling and practicing their hobbies. A lot of Bulgarian mail order brides are also into workouts. Even after marriage, they complete all the household chores quickly without getting tired. Thus, they stay fit and healthy always due to their playful nature!

Bulgarian ladies are fierce yet calm

Beautiful Bulgarian women know how to get what they deserve. Bulgarian girls can stand for their rights and fight for good things. But when it comes to solving marriage arguments, they prevent fighting and believe in having a logical conversation with peace. Hence, Bulgarian brides are not used to showing tantrums as wives. It is another popular reason why guys want to marry them!

As you can see, Bulgarian girls for marriage are perfect for living a happy married life. Bulgarian ladies have the characteristics of being the best wives. Now, you must be thinking about how to impress Bulgarian wives. Well, keep calm because we have got you covered! Delve into the guide further to find out.

Dating Tips for Lovers in Bulgaria

Do Bulgarian women like American men? Yep, because they find them hot and romantic? Undoubtedly, American men are sexy but whether or not they are romantic depends a lot on the techniques they follow to impress a Bulgarian bride. In case you are excited to date hot Bulgarian brides, we have some tips for you to follow. Read below to know:

Compliment her

Bulgarian ladies already know how pretty they are, and Bulgarian mail order brides love hearing the same from the men they see. Hence, if you take your mail-order girlfriend on a date and they look gorgeous, say that to them. Trust us; this tip will work like magic!

Be a gentleman

Almost every Bulgarian woman wants to date a gentleman who has basic manners of treating his lady right. Make sure that you respect them well and do some little things to win the heart of a Bulgarian lady. Our experts suggest bringing flowers and chocolates on a date because that works the best.

Try to know about her

When dating Bulgarian women, try to show her that you genuinely care about them. You can do this by asking questions about her culture, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. Even though we encourage asking questions, don’t be too interrogative because, in the end, it’s a date and not an interview.

Be creative while planning dates

As you know, Bulgarian women for marriage are born active; hence, Bulgarian mail order brides do not like doing the same things over and over again. That is why when planning dates, try to choose different places. It will help you keep a buy Bulgarian lady impressed. Do you not know many romantic spots in Bulgaria? We have discussed that further in the guide!

Never say no to an invitation

Bulgarian women for marriage often invite their dates for a family dinner or celebrations. Do not ever say no to an invitation because Bulgarian wives online take rejections to their hearts.

These tips will help you impress Bulgarian brides for marriage in no time! Keep reading to know some of the best places in Bulgaria for a romantic date:

These are just a few romantic places to visit in Bulgaria. You can contact a local guide to find out more about such locations. Your Bulgarian bride will be highly impressed if you take her to these spots!

sexy Bulgarian Brides

What Are the Marriage Customs of Bulgarian Women?

Men, who are planning to ask a Bulgarian girl for marriage, must know a few of their marriage traditions. Read below to find out:

These are just a few rituals that we have shared. You will eventually get to learn more customs as and when the marriage approaches!

Success stories from Bulgaria

Success Story #1 Image
Michael and Elena FindEuropeanBeauty logo

Michael and Elena had both been divorced for several years when they met on a dating site. They were both a little hesitant to start talking to each other at first, but after a few messages back and forth, they decided to meet up for coffee.They hit it off right away and started dating shortly afterwards. After a year of being together, they got married and are now expecting their first child. They credit the dating site for bringing them together and are grateful that they found each other.

Success Story #2 Image
Ethan and Maya DateEuropeanWoman logo

After being divorced for a few years, Ethan and Maya found each other on a dating site. At first they were both hesitant to start talking, but after exchanging a few messages, they decided to meet up for coffee. They hit it off right away and started dating shortly afterwards. After being together for a year, they got married and are now expecting their first child. They credit the dating site with bringing them together and are grateful that they found each other despite all of life's challenges.

When, Where, and How to Meet a Bulgarian Bride?

Nobody is the best person to answer the question when you should start seeing a Bulgarian mail-order bride. It is so because you are the controller of your feelings. Hence, you will know when to find a Bulgarian girl for marriage. However, our experts suggest that you should look for a bride only after you are financially independent. Also, do not go for an alliance if you are not into commitments. Marriage is a lifetime promise that you need to fulfill.

You can easily find a Bulgarian bride online in the online dating sites. One can also join online dating sites and apps like Tinder and Bumble to find their Bulgarian match. Some men prefer looking for wives offline. In that case, you can get in touch with Bulgarian wife finder online dating sites. Choose the method that you like the best!

A few tips that you can follow when meeting your mail order Bulgarian bride for the first time are as follows:

Whenever you meet a Bulgarian girl for the first date, do these simple things to win her heart and love!


We hope this guide will help you find gorgeous Bulgarian women looking for marriage. When marrying these brides, trust us; you will never regret it. Bulgarian mail order brides are beautiful, young, and fierce. Women from Bulgaria know how to lead their ways and keep their families happy. Hence, Bulgarian mail order brides make great wives and mothers for the foreign men.

Will you like to connect with Bulgarian women for sale? If yes, then share your experience with us!

beautiful Bulgarian Brides


Are Bulgarian Girls Easy?

Bulgarian mail order wives are not too difficult to be impressed. You can win their love by making small gestures that help them understand their worth in your life. Apart from caring for them, if you show affection to their parents, then they get happier. Hence, if you know the right ways of loving them, then yes, these girls are easy. And in case you don’t, then winning a Bulgarian bride can be quite challenging. Thus, it all depends on how you treat them!

How Loyal are Bulgarian Brides?

If you marry a Bulgarian mail order wife, you do not need to spy on her because she will never cheat you. These women are super loyal when it comes to maintaining any relationship. They know that one lie can shatter the trust of her husband forever. She also demands the same level of honesty from her spouse. Hence, make sure you can deliver it!

How to Attract a Bulgarian Woman?

Attracting a Bulgarian bride needs a bit of effort. Follow our tips below to lure them in no time:

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