Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Welcome to the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women with their hot photos. Those men who admire the beauty of Asian girls will certainly find this article entertaining. Since the demand for a Vietnamese wife has become really big, this article aims to explain why so many single Westerners want to marry brides from Vietnam. While reviewing photos of the top hot Vietnamese glamour models, you will be able to see how pretty and talented Vietnamese women are.

Updated for October 2020
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This top 20 hottest Vietnamese woman proves that the girls born in Vietnam or those who have Vietnamese roots are some of the prettiest in the world. It’s no wonder why so many of them are the top hot models and followed by thousands.

List Of Hottest Asian Girls From Vietnam:

Rima Nguyen

Rima Nguyen

Hot and charming model and actress is the first lady who joins the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women list. Since 14 years old, this girl was working as a model. Becoming a famous model in her motherland was her dream. She successfully achieved it. Rima Nguyen is not only a top hot Vietnamese woman but a top example of a wise and hardworking lady. At some point in her life, the woman found that both parents have cancer, so she had to support them financially. She worked hard being a model for numerous magazines. In the meantime, she was developing acting skills. In 2018, Rima Nguyen took 4th place in the Hottest Vietnamese Models In The World. She was also the MV Queen for performances in popular music videos.

Elizabeth Tran

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Elizabeth Tran is the hottest Vietnamese girl with a pretty face and a sexy body covered in tattoos. She has Vietnamese and Chinese roots which made Elizabeth Tran one of the top hot and wanted bikini models. At the moment, Elizabeth Tran is living in the USA and is busy modeling for numerous magazines. You can find and enjoy shots in sexy underwear and bikini posing on the beach.

Tila Tequila

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

If you like Asian babes and watch them online, then you must be familiar with the name Tila Tequila. She is a famous Vietnamese model and top famous TV personality in Vietnam. Tila Tequila is undoubtedly the top hottest Vietnamese woman ever: she is sensual, sexy, and seductive. She is petite and curvy. She has a sweet face, and the way she dresses up always makes men get sweaty. Tila Tequila is one of the top Vietnamese hot chicks who can be proud of her shots for Playboy and other numerous magazines. Right now, she has a million followers on Facebook, and she hosts a popular TV show in Vietnam.

Angie Vu Ha

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Angie Vu Ha is undoubtedly the top Vietnam hottest girl. She was born in Vietnam but now she is living and working in New York. Angie Vu Ha is the top hot celebrity who is famous for her acting and modeling talents. She is also a famous DJ whose music you can find on Sound Cloud. Angie Vu Ha’s hobbies are creating music, dancing, and modeling for the biggest magazines. Angie Vu Ha also won Playboy’s Miss Social in 2012. This hot Vietnamese has her own modeling agency and produces lingerie. You can follow Angie Vu Ha on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and watch performances on YouTube. Why do men like Angie Vu Ha? She has a sexy body, lovely breasts, and magnetic eyes.

Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

A girl with a difficult to pronounce name joins this top 20 hottest Vietnamese girls ever thanks to such an amazing look. Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh is a top hot model in Vietnam. She holds a degree in Humanities and hosts a popular music show in Vietnam. Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh has hundreds of nice photos that everyone can find by typing her name. She is romantic, funny and a very smart girl who is well-known in the whole of Vietnam. One of the top famous movies where you can see hot Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh in “Go-Go Sisters”, which was released in 2018.

Hai Bang

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Hai Bang is a sexy, hot, stylish, and incredibly talented Vietnamese singer who will make your brain spin. She is the top 20 hottest Vietnamese woman who is followed by more than 200 thousand Asians and Westerns on Instagram. Hai Bang is one of the top Vietnamese sexy women who can show online by typing her name. She is a top hot star in Vietnam singing about love. By looking at the body of this top hottest girls in Vietnam, you won’t believe that she is a mother of three children. Watch Hai Bang’s top music videos or live performances to understand why Hai Bang has so many followers.

Bebe Pham

Bebe Pham

Another top burning hot chicks coming from Vietnam is Bebe Pham. From a young age, this cute Vietnamese wanted to become a celebrity. Luckily, her dream has come true. Everyone started talking about hot Babe Pham when she took 3rd place in the Super Model competition. The woman has become the first Vietnamese model who was trained in underwater modeling. You can see Babe Pham’s amazing photoshoot underwater. By having a hot appearance, yummy body and cute face, Bebe Pham is not only the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women but a famous actress.

Ha Anh Vu

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

The following beauty queen is Ha Anh Vu. She is a famous model, actress, and singer in Vietnam. The girl was a participant of Miss Universe Vietnam and Miss Earth contests in 2006. She didn’t win but she became the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women. Even though the girl didn’t win some modeling contests, she became the first European Professional Model and received the Asian Face award in the UK. Take a look at photos of sexy Ha Anh Vu. She has curvy thighs and lovely breasts. It’s no wonder that such big brands as Gucci and Chloe wanted the model to cooperate with them. This top hot Vietnamese woman is also a good singer. Apart from checking hot images, you can view live singing performances.

Phan Nhu Thao

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Phan Nhu Thao is one of the top Vietnamese women sexy and desired by thousands of Asian men. This young lady loves to pose in front of a camera, having almost nothing on. You can see Phan Nhu Thao hot pictures online and in popular magazines. 12 years ago, she got the title of the top Vietnamese model. After some years, Phan Nhu Thao joined Asia’s Next Top Model show, and even though she didn’t win, she came out even more famous.

Trương Thị Diệu Ngọc

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

It’s difficult to read and pronounce this girl’s name and it’s difficult to take your eyes away from her. Trương Thị Diệu Ngọc is the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women who impress with appearance. She is tiny, sexy, and hot. Thanks to such a hot look, Trương Thị Diệu Ngọc participated in Miss Universe Vietnam in 2015, however, she didn’t take the winning place. Luckily for her, in 2016, the woman won the Royal Flower award, and the following year, the Miss World Vietnam crown. Trương Thị Diệu Ngọc is famous for representing her motherland at the Miss World contest in the US. The woman is one of the top hot and sexy Vietnamese women, she loves sport, and she works as a travel agent.

Nguyen Thuy Lam

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

It’s really difficult to skip a photo of the top Vietnamese hot woman called Nguyen Thuy Lam. She became famous by becoming a winner of Miss Universe Vietnam back in 2008. The woman also won the award in that pageant as Miss Talent and Miss Internet. Nguyen Thuy Lam is also a famous singer in Vietnam whose songs and live performances you can watch online. You can visit this top model’s Instagram account and learn more about her life. You can also find her profile at Google Play and Deezer and download her top songs.

Elly Tran Ha

op 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

For those guys who like innocent looking girls, Elly Tran Ha will become a wild dream. This top model is 31 years old, but it’s easy to confuse her with 17 years, old girls. Elly Tran Ha has quickly gained fame after almost nude photos popped up on the Internet. This top hottest Vietnamese woman has thousands of Instagram followers who crave to see Elly Tran Ha shots in a bikini. If you want to see how sexy and good-looking this top hottest Vietnamese woman is, find movies with her starring: “Upstream Aspirations”, “Ghost School” and “Pearls”. The girl gained fame not only in Vietnam but in South Korea, where they called her “the most searched celebrity”.

Vivian Chau

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Vivian Chau is a sensual, sexy, and seductive Vietnamese model and a photographer. The girl lives and works in Miami. She has a large audience who watches and follows every step she takes. She was modeling for lingerie brands as well as men’s magazines. Vivian Chau is a petite lady with big breasts, lovely hair, and a stunning smile. Review photos of Vivian Chau if you want to know how the top 20 hottest Vietnamese woman looks.

Veronica Ngo

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Veronica Ngo is the top searched personality in Vietnam due to her talents: she is a professional dancer, singer, model, and actress. The lady has appeared in about 10 movies which made Veronica Ngo a celebrity with thousands of followers on social media. Like other top 20 hottest Vietnamese women on this last, Veronica Ngo started a career by being a participant of many beauty contests. You can frequently see this top hottest model on magazine covers and as a member of top famous TV shows in Vietnam. By typing Veronica Ngo name, you can find her songs and live dancing performances. She was also a member of the top world-famous TV show called “Dancing With The Stars”.

Kim Lee

When men see Kim Lee on the screens of their devices, they get sweaty. Kim Lee is the top 20 hottest Vietnamese woman with a hot body and sexy curves. She is the top desired Vietnamese girl ever existing. Kim Lee is a top famous DJ who you can follow on Instagram and learn about her life through photos. This hot girl was born in the USA. The secret of Kim Lee’s beauty is a mix of Vietnamese and French roots. In 2011, the was called the top sexiest woman in Vietnam. Apart from being the top desired model for commercials and magazine covers, this young lady studies playing the piano. Every single photo of this top Vietnamese baby amazes. She is one of the tops wanted brides not only in Asia but in the US.

Jennifer Pham

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

This top 20 hottest Vietnamese women won’t be full without one of the hottest and beautiful Vietnamese ladies called Jennifer Pham. This hot lady looks like an Asian and Western; this is why she probably won the Asian Miss in America pageant in 2006. That competition was not the only one in her life. After that event, she won numerous beauty competitions, which made her one of the top famous and highest-paid models in Vietnam. After finishing her modeling career, Jennifer Pham decided to study philanthropy, which is her job at the moment. The lady has a great number of photo sessions for magazines, plus you can find Jennifer Pham in numerous TV shows on Vietnamese TV and online.

Michelle Phan

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

When it comes to the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women, Michelle Phan is certainly the best looking Vietnamese woman. She is famous for having an entertaining YouTube channel and being one of the top famous makeup artists in the country. This is incredible but Michelle Phan has more than a billion views and about 7.5 million followers. She is also the co-founder of “ipsy”, one of the top world’s online beauty communities so there are millions of girls who watch her live beauty videos. Even though, Michelle is one of the top sexiest Vietnamese, women she was born in America where she lives right now.

Vu Thi Hoang My

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Vu Thi Hoang My is a hot lady who is a beauty queen and an athlete. She is sexy, strong, and hard-working. Vu Thi Hoang My is a 32 years old woman who has got many titles. Vu Thi Hoang My amazing appearance was admired by numerous beauty competitions. She has a lovely face, shiny long hair, and a sexy body, which you can see herself by reviewing her top shots. Vu Thi Hoang My first became famous when she represented Vietnam in the Miss Universe contest in 2011. At the moment, this top 20 hottest Vietnamese women works as a host, copywriter, and a dancer. She speaks fluent English, so you can watch her interviews and follow her on social media.

Maggie Q

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

This top 20 hottest Vietnamese woman becomes hotter and hotter, especially when Maggie Q joins it. This top Vietnamese model is one of the most desired women not only in Vietnam, the whole of Asia but in the West. The secret of Maggie Q’s hot appearance is Vietnamese, Polish, and Irish roots. She is the top watched and followed personalities in Vietnam. She was born and grown up in the USA. Her family moved to Tokyo, where the girl began her modeling career. There are not many people who didn’t watch “Mission Impossible”, and if you did watch the 3rd movie, then you must remember this hottie in it.

Mai Phuong Thuy

Mai Phuong Thuy

The following beauty Queen and one of the top 20 hottest Vietnamese women are Mai Phuong Thuy. The lady started her modeling career by getting the title of Miss Vietnam in 2006. Mai Phuong Thuy was only 18 years old, but after the competition, she became incredibly popular. This beautiful lady is not just a famous model, she raises money for charities since she is obliged to follow her duties by being Miss Vietnam. You can see this top hot model in various TV shows as well as watch her live singing performances on the Internet. The lady has over 30 thousand followers on Instagram, so you can check her photos and watch many interviews with her.


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