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Top 20 Hottest Korean Brides

Do you want to see the photos of the top 20 hottest Korean women? Read the article and find the names of top sexiest models, actresses, and singers in Korea. 

Han Ga-in

The first Korean hot woman to add to the list of top 20 hottest Korean women is Han Ga-in. She is one of the most famous and popular actresses. The world could first see her in a commercial for Asiana Airlines. The beauty of this hot girl was quickly appreciated. So after that Han Ga-in got a role in “Sunshine Hunting”. She later got the title of the Top New Actress in Korea. You can see the photos of this Korean hot woman by typing her name. Han Ga-in’s best shots are for “Elle” and “Bodyguard” magazines.

Jun Ji Hyun

One of the top Korean hot chicks who you would love searching and watch on social media is Jun Ji Hyun. A role in “My Sassy Girl” has brought Jun Ji Hyun fame and made her a desires actress in the whole of Korea. However, the role in “My Love” has brought her world fame. Jun Ji Hyun is not only the top 20 hottest Korean women but one of the highest-earning actresses in the whole of Korea. 

G. Na

G. Na is one of the top biggest and hot stars in Korea and she is certainly the top 20 hottest Korean woman ever. The girl was originally born in Canada and her real name is Gina Jane Cho. She is a 31-year-old singer and songwriter who is followed by millions. The girl started her career being one of five girls in a female project. Later, G. Na’s started their career independently by releasing Draw G’s First Breath song. G. Na is now living in South Korea and has a successful singing career. She has her own full-length studio album that you can find online and listen to her beautiful voice. You can also see these top 20 hottest Korean women by checking her hot photos and watching G. Na’s interviews.

Kim Tae Hee

This list of top 20 hottest Korean women won’t be completed without a pretty and hot Kim Tae Hee. She is a Korean hot beauty icon and one of the most admired actresses. While working as an actress, Kim Tae Hee got a degree in fashion design at Seoul National University. Among lots of fans from all over Korea and many awards, Kim Tae Hee’s main award is the Excellence Award Miniseries Actress in 2015 received by SBS.

Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul is certainly one of the top 20 sexiest Korean women the country can be proud of. This hottie was born in the USA but her roots are from Korea. This hot girl got a degree in Computer Graphics but she later found that she wants to become an actress. Han Ye Seul moved to Korea and joined SBS Supermodel Contest. She won it. After that, she got a role in “Nonstop 4” sitcom. In 2014, she participated in the show called “Birth of Beauty”. Type Han Ye Seul name to see photos of this top pretty Korean woman with lovely eyes and a soft smile. 

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is the top hottest Korean actress and a top model who has the appearance that all magazines want for their covers. She is in the top 20 hottest Korean girls and one of the most famous Korean celebrities. Park Shin Hye has 8 million followers on Instagram which proves her popularity. The girl became famous by acting in such films as “Stairway to Heaven” and “Tree of Heaven”. She also got incredibly big attention after leading her own series called “You’re Beautiful” in 2009.  Park Shin Hye is not just top Korean top hottest girls but an incredibly talented lady in which you can spot yourself by watching movies with Park Shin Hye starring. You can find numerous photos of hot Park Shin Hye posing in front of a camera wearing nice lingerie. In addition, Forbes magazine named the actress one of the most influential celebrities in Korea.

Clara Lee

Clara Lee is the top 20 hottest Korean woman and one of the most recognized Korean glamour models ever. She is perfectly shaped, she is sexy and she has a lovely face. The girl was born in Switzerland but she came back to Korea and became a hot star. Clara Lee is a top famous model that you can see on numerous covers of magazines. She is also a talented actress. For those men who found Clara Lee especially beautiful, they can watch the woman in such TV shows as “Star King”, “Saturday Night Live Korea”, and “Happy Together”.

Lee Hyori

You won’t believe that one of the top sexiest Korean women and one of the top 20 hottest Korean women is almost 40 years old. Lee Hyori is a stunning looking lady who has many talents. She is a singer, actress, TV presenter, and an activist. In 2006, they called Lee Hyori one of the highest-earning singers coming from South Korea. She started her career by participating in a band but later, she released a solo album called “Stylish” and was incredibly impressed since the album was sold in more than 140.000 copies. Lee Hyori is one of the top wanted and hot Korean girls but she is also a smart woman who protects animals. 

Im Jin-ah

A famous K-pop singer called Nana has a real name Im Jin-ah. This top 20 hottest Korean woman is a famous singer and the top hottest Korean girl who millions of Asian men would love to marry. Obviously, Nana gained her fame for being a gifted girl. Im Jin-ah’s voice is so pleasant to listen to. Nana is also a top hot model and a makeup artist in South Korea. You can see her in such movies as “The Swindlers” and “Go Lala Go 2”. If you are a fan of TV shows, then you can see pretty Nans is “The Good Wife” and “Love Weaves Through a Millennium”. 

Choi Ji Woo

If you lived in Korea, you would certainly know the name Choi Ji Woo. The lady is one of the top hottest Korean women and the most recognized celebrity. Choi Ji Woo has a huge acting experience: she was on big screens for almost 25 years. The most famous romantic movie with Choi Ji Woo starring is called “Winter Sonata”. She is the highest-paid actress not only in Korea but in China.

Lee Hanee

The following beauty and hot female called Lee Hanee deserves her place in this top 20 hottest Korean women. If you see the photos of this girl dated a decade ago and now, you won’t find a difference. Lee Hanee is a 35-year-old woman but she is simply stunning. You can see Lee Hanee the top 20 hottest Korean women on many magazine covers. This top talented lady plays the gayageum professionally, so she is a famous classical musician in the whole of Korea. She released four albums and she gives live concerts in more than 25 countries. Not only Asian men admire the beauty of Lee Hanee. Lee Hanee got the title of Miss Korea in 2006 and Miss Universe Pageant in 2007. There is not a single doubt that Lee Hanee is a hot Korean woman desired by millions.


A hot and sexy Yura is a famous actress and singer. She started her career as a member of a big female group called “Girl’s Day”. Yura’s debut as an actress was in a famous TV drama called “Secret Angel”. Yura a top 20 hottest Korean woman is also an MC for a top watched program called “Super Idol”. This top stunning girl is young and hot. She has a large audience that loves her and follows Yura every step on social media. To see more of stunning Yura, find her hot photos by visiting her Instagram profile.

Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun also joins this top hot Korean women. She became famous thanks to her acting talent. Right now, the actress is 29 but she has already become one of the tops recognized and desired actresses in Korea. She had her first role when she was in high school. You can find Kim So Eun in 9 movies and 12 TV series. In addition, Kim So Eun won 8 out of 12 nominations. Apart from being an amazing actress, this lady is an athletic skier. Her body is sexy and she is 100% top hottest Korean women ever.

Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna is another top 20 hottest Korean woman who is admired by Korean men. They find her especially sexy and hot. Kim Hyuna is a top popular performer, dancer and one of the biggest models in Korea. The girls once a member of the “4Minute” female group. She was also a member of the “Wonder Girls” female group. You can see this top hottie in the “Gangnam Style” music video which is still the most-watched video on YouTube. After the music video was released, many Koreans recognized a beautiful singer and searched for her online. Of course, it made her even more famous.

Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim is the top best looking Korean woman by opinions of millions of Asian men. The lady is a famous singer and actress. The woman was born in Seoul, but she later moved to Guam with her family. After coming back to Korea, Eugene Kim started her singing career in a group called “S.E.S.” but she enjoyed it more to be a leader so she became a solo singer. You can see these top 20 hottest Korean women in such movies as “One Mom and Three Dads”, “Unstoppable Marriage”, and a TV series called “King of Baking”. Eugene Kim is 39 but she still a star of TV and popular movies in Korea.

Kim Yu Mi

Kim Yu Mi joins the list of top 20 hottest Korean women because she is undoubtedly beautiful and sexy. This lady with soft facial features and sexy body is the richest model in Korea. In 2012, Kim Yu Mi got the title Miss Korea and the following year, in 2013, she won the Miss Universe competition. You can see Kim Yu Mi in numerous popular TV shows such as “My Dearest Lady” and “Cantabile Tomorrow”. Many in Korea were saying that the woman can’t be so beautiful and she probably has plastic surgeries. Kim Yu Mi defended herself and proved her natural beauty by showing numerous photos. 

Song Hye Kyo

She is the top sexiest, top pretties and one of the top desired Korean women. Song Hye Kyo became famous thanks to her spectacular role in a drama called “Descendant of the sun”. The woman looks amazing and can easily compete with 20 years old girls. She has a satin skin, silky hair, and a stunning body. Since she was 15, she was modeling and she still looks perfect. The lady has won 30 awards for incredible acting talent. Find Song Hye Kyo’s photos or check her social media to appreciate Song Hye Kyo’s hot look.

Im Yoona

Im Yoona is not only one of the beautiful Korean ladies and top 20 hottest Korean women, but she is also one of the most recognized singers who is followed by millions. She is also a talented dancer which you can see by watching her hot live performances and music videos. As one of the top 20 hottest Korean women on the list, Im Yoona has also started her career in a female group called “S.E.S.” The girl has become a famous solo singer when she was just 17 years old. Since 14 she has been modeling. On top of that, Im Yoona is an actress with a degree in music and theater. As you can see, this lady is extremely hard-working and talented. 

Son Gain

Son Gain is one of the top 20 Korean sexy women who became famous for being a part of huge and loved by a million band called “Brown Eyed Girls”. Her journey to establishing her singing career was tough: she once said that many people were disappointed with her and didn’t find her talented at that time. If you are interested in hearing the voice of this good-looking lady, type in Brown Eyed Girls and find pretty Son Gain among others in the band.

Lee Da-Hae

Lee Da-Hae is one of the top 20 hottest Korean girls who is famous not only in Korea but in China. The girl was born in Korea but she was growing up and studying in Australia. After coming back to Korea, she discovered that she was gifted with acting talent which helped her to become a great actress. Lee Da-Hae speaks Chinese, Japanese and English. She is a true drama queen and you can see the woman in such drama movies as “My Girl”, “Green Rose”, and “The Slave Hunter”. Apart from being a talented actress, Lee Da-Hae is also a top talented model, you can see photos of this sexy chick all over the Internet.


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