Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

So many men want to meet the top hottest Japanese girl for dating. Japanese women are often called top hottest women on the planet. They have an innocent look but they are hot as hell. In these top 20 hottest Japanese women, you can see photos of the top hottest and sexiest girls from Japan.

Updated for October 2020
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There are top stunning models, actresses, singers, and even adult film actresses. 
So if you a fan of hot Japanese women, then this top 20 hottest Japanese woman aims to tell the readers about the hottest, sexiest, and most attractive actresses, singers, and models from Japan. Review the list of the top 20 hottest Asian women and see how much you like them.

Misaki Ito

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Misaki Ito is no doubt a top Japanese hot woman, a great actress, and an incredibly popular TV personality. She is smart, talented, and naturally beautiful. She is a dream of millions of men while millions of women want to look like her. In 2004, the actress had gloried in the “James Bond” game. She is a mature lady now but she still remains a beauty icon and one of the top 20 hottest Japanese women ever. Such films as “Last Love” or “Perfect Love” are her best performances so if you are interested in finding out about this lady more, then these are two films that became favorite for millions just because of Misaki Ito.

Nana Asakawa

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Nana Asakawa joins the list of top 20 sexy Japanese women for an irresistible look. This top girl is only 21 years old but she has already become the top 20 hottest Japanese women. Thus young and sexy girl has already achieved a lot in TV and cinematic areas. Nana Asakawa is one of the hottest Japanese women and one of the most wanted Japanese actresses who you can see very often on TV. In addition, Nana Asakawa took third place when she participated in the Covergirl Grand competition in the comic category. Nana Asakawa’s hobby is modeling and those men who like the look of this sweetie can find many hot images on the Internet. 

Honda Tsubasa

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women1

The following top 20 hottest Japanese women are Honda Tsubasa who is one of the most recognized women in Japan. This short-haired, petite, and pretty girl is a dream of single Japanese guys. She has been working in the entertainment industry as well as modeling. She cooperated with a big magazine called Seventeen. The girl was modeling exclusively for the magazine, so you have a chance to find her shots for it. She is stunning, fit, hot, and very pretty which makes her a beauty icon in Japan. You can see the woman in numerous commercials and popular music videos. You can also see her acting in “Fashion Story. Model” film that was released in 2012.

Sayaa Irie

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Sayaa Irie is one of the top hottest Japanese women who became incredibly popular thanks to her amazing voice. Japanese and Asians, in general, found out about this girl after she sang for anime OVA Kyo no Gononi as Chika Koizumi. She was formerly a member of the Japanese musical group Sweet Kiss. She acted for films “God’s Left Hand”, “Devil’s Right Hand”, “Shibuya Kaidan”, “Pussy Soup (the Cat Cook), and other popular films in Japan. The Internet has so many photos of this girl who is the top hottest Japanese woman ever. Sayaa Irie is a top hottest model who enjoys posing wearing just a sexy bikini.

Jun Amaki

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Jun Amaki is the top 20 hottest Japanese woman who is also a top gravure idol. She is famous for modeling for MAMOR top official magazine of the Japanese Self-Defence Force. She is one of the hottest and prettiest girls in Japan who is a dream of many men. She is not a typical skinny Asian girl. She is curvy and attractive. Those men who like the appearance of this girl can find hottest photos on the Internet. For those who want to learn more about this top 20 hottest Japanese women model, find her songs and see what a beautiful voice she has. Jun Amaki was also the star of “Hot Step Jump” and “Hot Step Jump 2”.

Kyoko Fukada

This top 20 hottest Japan women won’t be completed if Kyoko Fukada doesn’t join the list. She is the top hottest, sexiest and prettiest Japanese woman; this is what millions of Japanese guys say. Kyoko Fukada is a famous TV presenter as well as a talented singer. You can find her several albums and enjoy her music. She also won the Yokohama film festival award as the best actress. Kyoko Fukada’s songs can be easily found on YouTube and Deezer. She is 37 years old now but everyone remembers the woman as a great singer.

Suzu Hirose

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

This top 20 hottest Japanese women can’t skip one of the most attractive and famous actresses called Suzu Hirose. She is young, talented, and looks like an angel. All young girls in Japan want to look like her. She is a 32 years old woman who has become a real top idol for Japanese girls: they want to dress like her, they want makeup like hers and they want the same hairstyle. Not only Asian but Wester men find Suzu Hirose the hottest Japanese girl with a pretty face and lovely body. You can see Suzu Hirose in numerous TV shows, films, and commercials. She has been nominated for more than 15 awards and won the Best Supporting Actress award for The Third Murder at the 41st Japan Academy Awards. 

Miwa Oshiro

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

This stunning brunette with curvy thighs and big breasts is one of the top sexiest Japanese women ever existed. Miwa Oshiro deserved her place in the top 20 hottest Japanese women by being a famous Gravure Idol. She is one of the top spotted models on pages of popular magazines in Japan. Her body is simply stunning and there are lots of images of this hottie posing in sexy lingerie. If you like this woman, then you have a chance to enjoy her performances in numerous films. You will like her pretty look, petite body and cute face. There are tons of photos that belong to the hottest Miwa Oshiro.

Ayumi Hamasaki

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

This woman joins the top 20 hottest Japanese women because she is simply the queen. She is the top famous and top highest-paid model in Japan. Ayumi Hamasaki is not only popular in Japan but in the whole of Asia and globally. She is also a popular singer. Her records were sold in more than 80 million copies. Ayumi Hamasaki is certainly the top hottest Japanese woman who is followed by a huge number of women and men. Find her top songs on YouTube, Deezer, and Google Play. She has many live performances on YouTube too. So, you can watch this pretty Japanese woman and fall in love with her.

Ai Shinozaki

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Those guys who prefer big breasts girls, just take a look at Ai Shinozaki. She joins the top Japanese women sexy list because her appearance is something that millions of men dream about. Ai Shinozaki is the top 20 hottest Japanese women, Gravure Idol, and a fantastic singer. Her modeling career started when she was just 14. At the moment, Ai Shinozaki is 28 and she is the top recognized model in Japan. Those men who have become interested in seeing this curvy hottie, check films with her participation and review her magazine covers.

Maria Ozawa

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

When it comes to Japanese porn, men get especially interested. Maria Ozawa joins the top 20 hottest Japanese women because she is the most famous porn actresses in Japan. This sexy and hot girl has been in the porn industry for a decade and she is one of the most-watched porn actresses in whole Asia. Her adult videos are worth watching: she is naturally beautiful and it seems like seducing men is her greatest talent. Find her adult movies and see how seductive this Japanese hottie was when working as a top porn actress. 

Harumi Asano

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

When looking for something spicy to watch, many Asians and Westerners choose to watch adult videos with Harumi Asano starring. She is the top best looking Japanese woman and one of the top 20 hottest women in Japan. Harumi Asano is an incredibly popular porn actress. Her 18+ videos are something than men can watch non-stop. She is perfectly shaped and she is not shy to show off her hottest spots in front of a camera. So you can enjoy watching the actress performing naughty in x-rated videos. It’s a shame but Harumi Asano doesn’t perform in porn anymore.

Mariya Nishiuchi

When talking about the top 20 hottest Japanese women, a popular singer, model, actress, and songwriter called Mariya Nishiuchi takes a deserved place in the list. She is not just a talented girl but a top example for youngsters. The top popular TV show with her participation is “Switch Girl!”. So many Japanese and Asians follow her Instagram page learning about her projects, private life, and of course, enjoying her hot look. Mariya Nishiuchi is a popular singer and a songwriter, so for those who became interested in this lady, you can find her performances online. She is one of the top 20 hottest Asian women for perfect body and seductive eyes.

Reon Kadena

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Reon Kadena is one of the top Japan hottest girls and top 20 hottest Japanese women who can seduce men within a second. It seems like this hot Asian was born to be a model. She has so many shots and each looks just perfect. Reon Kadena is a famous glamour model and TV show performer. She also participated in numerous talk shows on TV. Since this is the top 20 hottest Japanese women, then men would certainly enjoy looking at photos of this beauty in Japanese men’s magazines. 

Nozomi Sasaki 

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Nozomi Sasaki is another top stunning glamour model that joins these top 20 hottest Japanese women. Nozomi Sasaki deserves you looking through her images. She is a young, hot, and fantastic looking girl who gained a great popularity thanks to her stunning appearance. Since 19 years old, Nozomi Sasaki has been building her modeling career. At the moment, she is 32 and she is still a famous model in Japan. She is also a famous actress. You can see this top 20 hottest Japanese women model in numerous commercials and music videos. 

Tomomi Itano

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Tomomi Itano is not just another top hot Japanese woman who will draw your attention easily. She is an incredibly talented lady with an amazing voice. She writes songs, sings, dances, and has a successful modeling career. Tomomi Itano has started her singing career by being a part of the band called AKB48. She later chose to become a solo singer, so now you can watch her music videos and enjoy her sweet voice. Tomomi Itano is the top 20 hottest Japanese woman who attracts with her pretty body, lovely eyes, and sweet lips. Check her photos out by typing her name or reviewing her Instagram account.

Satomi Ishihara

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Satomi Ishihara is one of the top beautiful Japanese ladies and one of the top most popular actresses from Tokyo. She started her acting career when she was just 17 years old and now she is one of the most desired actresses in Japan. The very first film where she performed was “My Grandpa”. Her performance in this film brought her award of the Best Newcomer 2003. She is the top 20 hottest Japanese woman because her photos are everywhere in Japan. In addition, she gained international fame. 

Waka Inoue

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Waka Inoue easily joins the top of Japanese sexy women because she is the most desired woman among Japanese men. Waka Inoue is well known for her performance in TV dramas. So, in Japan, they call her a drama queen. She impresses with excellent acting and there is probably not a single person who doesn’t know who Waka Inoue is. Since the girl is the top 20 hottest Japanese woman, she is famous for her modeling especially her photos in a bikini. Her stunning body and perfectly shaped breasts make men want this girl badly.

Miwa Asao

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Not only models, singers, and actresses are the top 20 hottest Japanese women. Miwa Asao is one of the hottest Japanese girls because she is a beach volleyball player. As you can imagine, men love watching female beach volleyball players because they don’t have many clothes on. Miwa Asao represented Japan during the Olympic games, so she has fans not only in her home country but all over the world where beach volleyball fans live. If you became interested in this athlete, then you can find her hottest photos where she is posing in bikini nit only on the sandy beach but on the bed.

Mirei Kiritani

Top 20 Hottest Japanese Women

Mirei Kiritani is the top 20 hottest Japanese women and Japanese glamour models who can be spotted on so many covers. She is truly hot, sexy, and desired by millions of men. Mirei Kiritani has been acting on the small and big screens for 15 years. For 6 years, she anchored the NTV’s news program called News Zero that was very popular in Japan. She was also a model for a famous Seventeen magazine. She is famous, talented and she has millions of people following her all over Asia. There is only one fact of her biography that can disappoint some readers: she is already married.


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